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vs. D-RAYS, 5/04

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1 hour ago, Can_of_corn said:

Not sure how it is much different than say this:


You’re assuming I like crawfish?

I do, but only when someone else peels them for me...which is never.

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5 hours ago, Philip said:

You’re assuming I like crawfish?

I do, but only when someone else peels them for me...which is never.


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14 hours ago, OFFNY said:




64% of the outs that Bundy recorded (14 out of 22) came via the Strikeout and the Groundout.


The unexpected retro performance by Bundy was mildly reminiscent of Brad Bergesen's Complete Game-Shutout against the Rays in May of 2011, 2 years after his excellent 2009 season was cut short by a line drive that broke his leg.





22 OUTS: ) 9 Groundouts (Including 1 Double Play), 4 Strikeouts, 4 Flyouts, 2 Popouts, 2 Lineouts




H:llll 3 )(2 Doubles, 1 Single)

R:lllll 0



Pitches: ll)96 )(62)Strikes, )34)Balls)

2019 ERA: ))5.30  ))  35.67 IP  (21 ER) 

2019 WHIP: ))1.318  ))  35.67 IP  (47 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).244 ) (33 for 135)


* )) Bundy also had 1 Hit Batsman




91 lll(61 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

14 ll(81 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

10 lll(71 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

16 lll(11 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

18 llll(10 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

12 llll(71 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

91 llll(71 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

81 llll(61 llStrikes, lllllBallsl**


** )) Bundy recorded 1 out before departing in the 8th inning.



Glad the O’s won. 

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    • No real suprise. Made no sense to go to almost zero cases in two months. The HUMINT and SIGINT  on this was known for months.  US intelligence report says China under-reported virus cases and deaths, and claims numbers are 'fake' - Bloomberg cites 3 US officials
    • That is awesome.  You had a career!  Jeff Tackett had an efficient pop up and throw from what I remember.  Congrats on the rings, way to see it through.
    • Bush graded pretty poorly by PFF.  Seems like he has a knack for big plays but struggles with the routine ones.
    • Played in little league and in high school. Unlike some of you incomplete players who were all-hit or all-glove, I was remarkably consistent in all aspects of my game. That is to say, I was awful. Like historically awful. Hidden in RF and the first pitch of the game becomes a routine popup that bounces off the heel of my glove ? Check. Take strike three looking with a full count, bases loaded, final inning after rallying from five runs down only to lose by one? Check. Chase countless balls to the fence because I can't ever correctly decide to stretch from 1B or come off the bag? Check. Yup, Coach always knew EXACTLY what he could rely on me for every day. As an ongoing tribute to my consistency - to this day, I'm nearly 50 and just as left-handed as the first day I picked up a bat.
    • For lots of reasons, TB is an organization to follow.  My preference is the quality quantity of their depth.  It almost seems like they don’t have many organizational type players with little or no future, especially compared to other teams.  Everyone gives something, it’s very eye-opening.  I don’t know about their system like I do the O’s but they seem to end up with serious and developing talent every single time I look.     Also, we need Tork to get that ranking up rapidly!
    • You bring up a really good point. Even during the "golden years" of baseball - it was no where near as financially strong as it is right now. There's a lot of thinkpiece articles about how sports are doomed because of cord-cutting, but I really disagree with it. People haven't lost interest in watching sports, the leagues just need to change their business model to reflect the changes in the market. No business can expect to have the same business model forever.
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