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Is this team worse than last year?

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44 minutes ago, OFFNY said:





The 2019 Orioles have matched the 2018 Orioles' win total, and they have 17 games left to play.



1 against LAD, 4 against Detroit, 6 against Toronto, 3 against Seattle  , 3 against Red Sox

Maybe 10-7 or 7-10.  

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I had to readjust my hopes of avoiding 100 losses some time ago (I’ll always believe in our guys, but 16-1 is a tall task for even Goliathan teams), but maybe 60 wins is still within sight, if but a blip on the screen for now.

Anything less than a sweep against Detroit will be confounding. I think we can get 4 or even 5 from Toronto, and at least 2 from Seattle. Boston will likely be in chicken-and-beer mode, so maybe we can steal a couple up there as well.

So, while it’s narrower than a tightrope, there is indeed a path to 60. We’ll see. (And there’s still tonight…with Dylan going, we’ll have a shot.)

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On 8/5/2019 at 6:58 PM, Can_of_corn said:

I didn't hear it in 2001, it may have been going on it may not have.  I heard about it later when Tex was a ML player and Smith was a bust.  Him being a local boy was part of it I am sure.

So I was going to come up with a snarky, silly Chris Smith bit... but did you know that the year before the O's drafted him he pitched 4 2/3rds innings for Florida State?  And his freshman year, the prior season, he pitched 11 2/3rds?  If the Baseball Cube's numbers are right Smith threw 16 innings in college.

Something strange... bb-ref says he was drafted out of Cumberland University.  So maybe he transferred to become a pitcher in '01?  The Cube doesn't have any college stats for him the year he was drafted. Okay, an old Sun article says: (sorry, the quote below should break after the 2nd paragraph, but the formatting is screwed up in a way I can't fix.)


"Smith, 21, went 9-2 with seven complete games and a 2.13 ERA in 15 games at Cumberland, an NAIA school in Lebanon, Tenn. He allowed 58 hits, walked 34 and struck out 115 in 84 1/3 innings, and opponents batted .194 against him.

Ranked with Stanford's Mike Gosling as the best arms among college left-handers in the draft, Smith possesses a fastball that tops out at 94 mph and a developing curve and changeup."


In any case, the O's took a pitcher with the #7 overall pick who had to transfer to an NAIA college to really start pitching, after hitting .375/.459/.635 at Florida State as a sophomore.  And at Cumberland he hit .414/17/67 with 18 steals.

They took a guy who would have been a fairly high pick as an outfielder and turned him into a pitcher who was hurt essentially from day one.  Oh well, even if they hadn't swept the Yanks they probably would have taken Smith anyway at #5.  It was Syd Thrift's Orioles, it's just what they did.

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