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2019 3rd round pick (79): Zach Watson - CF - LSU

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Based on the MLB streaming guys bullet, my first impression is a McKenna clone, another right-handed Adam Eaton type.

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Meh.... I've seen him play.    Good speed.   May not have enough arm for center and I have Cadyn Grenier type concerns about the bat....

My guess is this is to free up some money to spend on other choices.  We could have had much more highly regarded guys with this pick...

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BA had him ranked 90.   Write up found in the attached article on Louisiana prospects (he’s no. 5):  https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.baseballamerica.com/stories/top-louisiana-2019-mlb-draft-prospects/%3famphtml

5. Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State (BA RANK: 90)
Source: 4YR • Ht: 6-0 • Wt: 166 • B-T: R-R • Commitment/Drafted: Red Sox '18 (40)

As a draft-eligible sophomore in 2018, no team came close to matching Watson’s asking price and he fell to the Red Sox’s final pick in the 40th round. This year, Watson is likely to hear his name called in the third or fourth round because of his wide array of tools. He’s a plus defender in center field (some scouts grade him as a 70 defender) with an average arm. He’s also a 70 runner who was 10-for-10 on stolen base attempts as of mid-May. He’s been one of the focal points of LSU’s offense for the past three seasons, hitting better than .300 in each of his three years in Baton Rouge while living up to the billing as the next in a long list of successful LSU center fielders. Watson also has some limitations, however, including an arm bar in his swing that makes him vulnerable to committing to his swing early. He can turn around a fastball and posts excellent exit velocities when he squares a ball up, but he struggles to recognize and hit breaking balls and he currently hits a lot of ground balls, which explains his relatively modest power numbers. He’s likely a fringe-average hitter at best, which limits his likely ceiling, but as a center fielder who can run, Watson provides value at a premium defensive position.

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1 minute ago, forphase1 said:

I'm a little underwhelmed by this pick considering others that were on the board.  But I trust Elias knows a ton more than I do.

If you're anything like me, you have a probably unhelpful bias toward pitching. 

I think if I ran the O's, my roster would consist of about 18 pitchers, lol. They can play 1B/LF/RF/CF without a problem. 

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