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Greg Pappas

An Early Look at the 2020 Draft's Top Prospects

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23 hours ago, sportsfan8703 said:

According to the pipeline article, it looks like Hancock has emerged as the top guy, but the draft is still 8-9 months away. Lots can change and I’m sure it will. 

If baseball doesn’t like teams “tanking” then they should open up the draft and make all the picks tradeable. It might help the “have nots” get more back in trades, and the ability to have the ability to stock pile picks. 

This draft will be in 2020. That means players won’t be arriving till around 2024-2025. Take BPA and no Grienier/Stewart type picks. 

Do you have a link to this pipeline article?

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2 hours ago, higgybaby said:

Do you have a link to this pipeline article?

Top NCAA prospects 


Top HS prospects


They make it seem like there is a big gap between the two UGA SP, Hancock and Wilcox. It seemed from earlier articles that it was pretty much a toss up. 

We could really use another potential TOR arm in the system, but Martin or Crow-Armstrong could be the best at #2.

Grow the bats, buy the arms(with the bats).


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8 hours ago, dcterp said:

Perfect Game out with its top college players for the 2020 draft - their top 3 is Austin Martin, Torkelson and Hancock.  Only the top10 are viewable, rest behind the paywall:


I'm looking forward to a more robust discussion of who the Orioles should select with their first pick this upcoming draft. Rutschman was the pretty strong favorite for most of the run up this year, but there are at least 5-6 solid candidates for pick 1-2 currently and I think it could grow if some of the players progress like I think they will. 

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Well with 8 games to go, Tigers have virtually cemented their position as number one pick as they are on a 4 game losing streak and we are 4  1/2 games back.  We are in no danger of losing our number two slot as we are ahead of both Miami and Kansas City by a similar margin.   So, number two it looks like it will be. 

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