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E3 2019: Nintendo

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- Super Smash Bros. 4 DLC
Dragon Age XI characters
this summer


- Luigi's Mansion 3


- Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance: Tactics
tactical game


- Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
old school top-down view Zelda game
sept 20


- Trials of Mana
early 2020


- Collection of Mana
original 3 Mana games
available now on the Nintendo eShop


- The Witcher III: Wild Hunt: Complete Edition


- Fire Emblem: Three Houses
July 26


- Resident Evil
RE 0, RE, RE 4, RE 5 and RE 6 - all now on Switch


- No More Heroes III


- Contra: Rogue Corps
the graphics for this look like a CG-animated cartoon from the 90's

definitely not the best looking game
local and online co-op
Sept 24


- Contra: Anniversary Collection
available now in the eShop


- Daemon X Machina
Sept. 13


- Panzer Dragoon
this winter


- Pokemon:Sword / Pokemon: Shield
Nov 15


- Astral Chain
a more adult version of Pokemon?
Aug 30


- Empire of Sin
1920's gangsters
top-down action game


- Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

July 19
Expansion Pass features content from X-Men, Fantastic Four and Marvel Knights - available starting in the fall


- Cadence of Hyrule: Crypt of the NecroDancer
a music/rythem based game
June 13


- Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games


- Animal Crossing: New Horizons
Mar. 20, 2020


- montage of games coming this year
3rd party titles
a lot of these seemed like big enough games that they should have gotten their own screen time


- Banjo & Kazooie
coming to Super Smash Bros. 4
characters are owned by Rare, who is owned by Microsoft


- Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2
no release date

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    • 1.  Belanger 2.  Blair 3.  F. Robinson 4.  B. Robinson 5....   Oops.  Wrong century.  I'm in reminisce mode.
    • Came across this gem.  Viqueens vs the Chifs.  This is when football was a man's game.  No showboating.  Just playing the game.  
    • As of now for OD, (5) SP: Means, Cobb, Wojo, K. Stewart, Valdez (8) BP: Givens, Bleier, Castro, Armstrong, Scott, Harvey, Bailey, Rucker (9) LU: Hays, Smith Jr., Mancini, Santander, Nunez, Ruiz, Alberto, Severino, Iglesias  (4) Bench: Sisco, Urena, Wilkerson, Davis  
    • Remember that Miguel Gonzalez started the 2012 season in AAA for us. He was 28.  https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=gonzal004mig Gonzales also had tied to our then GM’s former team, BOS. Valdez has had a longer track record of success. It looks like he’s a guy that never got a chance because he couldn’t throw hard enough.  This is one of the few fun parts about rebuilding. You get to see players like Valdez that are hungry to make it and this is their big chance.   
    • Thanks for putting the list together. I’d want Sanchez, Vargas, Estrada. Those are the only players I’d offer a mlb deal to.   The rest of those guys on that last have serious injury and/or performance issues. I’ll never be mad at an milb deal though.  We can offer 30-35 GS. Would they take an Iglesias type deal of 1/$3million?
    • As usual the combine will change things as players climb and slide.
    • Two who should not be in: Bonds and Clemens: Never.  Their statistics are inflated due to steroids and letting cheaters in is not a good message. Manny Ramirez too.  There are too many players in the Hall who don't deserve to be there based on their accomplishments.  Standards have been lowered in certain cases. . Gary Carter for example.  I'd consider Schilling and Fred Lynn but I'd have to look at their lifetime stats first. Rivera should not have been the first unanimous choice when so many other great players were not unanimous.  Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Frank Robinson, they were far more valuable than a closer.  Also Rivera blew. a couple of post seasons series for the Yankees.  By the same token I'm glad Jeter was not unanimous and I give credit to the writer who kept that from happening. 
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