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vs. MARINERS, 6/22

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Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 3B

Trey Mancini - 1B

Pedro Severino De Leon - C

Renato Nunez - DH

Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - 2B

Dwight Smith, Jr. - LF

Anthony Santander - RF

Keon Broxton - CF

Richie Martin - SS

Andrew Burton Cashner - RHP )) (6-3, 4.48 ERA)



 Mallex Smith - CF

John Paul Crawford - SS

Domingo Santana - RF

Daniel Vogelbach - DH

Omar Narvaez - C

Kyle Seager - 3B

Timothy Beckham - 1B

Jonathan Mackenzey Williamson - LF

Devaris Gordon - 2B

Tomaso Anthony Milone - LHP )) (1-1, 3.03 ERA)





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Good to see Trey back!

And we have a real, honest-to-God, 4 man bench!   I never thought I see the day.

Now get out there and do some MANAGING Hyde!   You got some horses.

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3 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Good to see Trey back!

And we have a real, honest-to-God, 4 man bench!   I never thought I see the day.

Now get out there and do some MANAGING Hyde!   You got some horses.

very small horses...

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17 minutes ago, Chavez Ravine said:

I get blacked out of these Seattle games. It doesn’t exactly prod me to pay for cable or travel over 200 miles to see a game.

I have an internet link if you want it. Seattle's feed...

PM me.

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8 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

That is the best Keith Richards has looked in years.


My fav pic of Keith.


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    • Right, since they will be paid by the game.
    • I don’t see why the football conflicts would be greater in November than September and October. The players want more baseball this season than the owners.
    • Ok, most of what I said, was based on his performance as an Oriole. I really dont care too much to follow the rest of the league, including former Orioles. His career WAR is at 36.7 for 8 seasons,  and still young at 26. While maybe no longer a shoe in, first rounder. I think believe he has a solid path there. I dont think his rep can withstand too many more conflicts with other players.  Again, IMO.
    • I'm good with picking Martin. This thread is hilarious.  
    • I'd say shoe in is a bit strong.  He's only been above average the last couple of seasons. 
    • they need that image to justify in their own minds, why its not a big deal, that a stud HOF shoe in, is no longer a part of this organization.  
    • https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/29246516/meet-2020-mlb-draft-man-mystery-17-year-old-enormous-upside For anyone who wants more info before drooling over Bitsko ....  Article says Bitsko has elite FB characteristics and is improving secondary stuff.  He could go as high as 8th overall to San Diego.  A Pennsylvania product, Bitsko might not get past the Phillies at 15.   I personally think Jammer's first three picks suggestion with Veen would be outstanding, but it is looking highly unlikely to me.  Dropping from the second rated talent in Martin to Veen around sixth and scooping up Dax Fulton and Bitsko would be a bit risky with the high school lean, but a mouth-watering amount of talent - however unlikely. IMO, the issue with the savings with Veen, or as has been mentioned on-line at multiple sources, Heston Kjerstad, could be $2M+.  With that kind of savings, IMO, the question starts to become whether we can spend that savings.  Our second pick, the first in the first supplemental round and 30th overall carries slot at $2.4M.  IMO, it is difficult to think a pre-draft deal with someone at 30 would be for $ in the top 15 picks  or $3.5M.  We have been rumored to be targeting Dax Fulton - rated in the 40s per some services - with that pick.  Fulton has undergone TJ surgery and might well have been drafted in the middle of the first round without the injury. Our third pick, second in the second round and second on day 2, at 39th overall carries slot at $1.9M.  We could be sitting on Day 2 with over $1M in extra slot $ at our disposal to use on a prospect who simply fell out of the first round, but I expect some bonus requests to come down entering day 2.  It almost becomes a scenario of whether we can spend that $ - perhaps on an overslot signing with our third or fourth round picks, but IMO it is very difficult to game that far ahead and assume a certain prospect or pool of prospects will be there - especially since we don't know if other teams are going to use senior signings in rounds 3, 4 and/or 5 in order to go overslot on one other player after the first round.  The entire scenario could also blow up if Dax is popped in the first round.  I am sure we would have a back-up plan at 30 and would have an entire night to plan how to spend remaining slot savings, but IMO there is plenty of risk - who knows, perhaps Elias would laugh and say he has little doubt he could spend extra slot $ - and Elias could walk away from this draft with four prospects signed at over $2M each. I would think it is much safer to just draft Martin, Fulton and the prospect we like best at 39 even if we need a senior sign in the third or fourth round to find more slot $.  Then grab two more prospects at slot in our top 150.    
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