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Eshelman up/Acquire Asher Wojciechowski from CLE

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5 minutes ago, OrioleDog said:

A fun tidbit I'd seen was Means was there with Verlander and Cole at best fastball rise last year, and Means did gain 210 rpm of Spin on his four seam in 2019, but I just heard an offhand note from July about Wojo as a guy spinning the ball better, and it appears in 2019, he picked up 170 rpm of Spin above his 2017.


I don't know where to find minor league spin, but as he didn't join Orioles until early July, it could be an interesting test of whether that was just him growing himself over those two years, or if Orioles PD had some specific tweaks to help him.


Outside of a number on Fangraphs more recent top prospect lists, minor league spin data isn't public. 

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On 9/3/2019 at 8:32 AM, Frobby said:

HBP are pretty flat in the AL this year.    Last year, the league average was 60 and the O’s a little above at 67.     This year with 15% of the season remaining the AL is averaging 54 and the O’s at 60.

By the way, you know all those stories about how pitchers used to hit batters all the time just to teach them a lesson about crowding the plate?   So far as I can tell, it’s a complete myth.    Last year was the AL record for frequency of HBP, and of the top 10 seasons of all time, 8 have been since 2000.    I think you mainly hear this myth about the 1950’s and ‘60’s, but HBP rates then were only maybe 60% of what they are today.    Now, maybe that’s because in the old days batters didn’t crowd the plate as much, but it’s not like guys were getting hit all the time.    

This fact really does dispel a myth that seems to have been particularly popular over the last few years. My immediate response was to think that, even if HBP's during the 1950s-60s were low in comparison, perhaps the myth was based on a few prominent hurlers. I looked at the stats for a handful of pitchers that I personally remembered as being the "scary" ones of the time (Denny McLain, Bob Gibson, Luis Tiant, Sam McDowell, etc.) and the only ones that seemed regularly to weaponize the HBP were Don Drysdale (during most of his seasons between 1958 and 1968) and Jim Bunning (most of the seasons between 1957 and 1967). Of course, the list of players I looked up is subjective and woefully incomplete but it was an interesting search that contained a few surprises--usually how surprisingly low the HBPs were for pitchers like Tiant and Koufax.

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