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2019 Trade Deadline

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6 hours ago, Can_of_corn said:

If that is the case the rentals won't really be setting the market.

Regardless I'd rather he be aggressive instead of letting teams find relievers elsewhere.

Everyone is waiting to see what the Giants do over the next five days. They really are going to move the market.

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3 hours ago, Greg Pappas said:

Also, remember that this year there is only one trade deadline. There's no August 31st waiver trade deadline like in previous years. 

I'm interested to see how that changes things. Typically the August 31st trade deadline was somewhat insignificant, but famously resulted in the David Ortiz trade - and most recently the Verlander-DET-HOU swap and the Donaldson-CLE-TOR trade.

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If Bundy has another good start this weekend that could ramp up some interest. Not necessarily because of his performance but just proving that he's fully healthy.  

Still think Givens is the only one who is traded 

I have Villar at + 150 to be traded.  Mancini at + 300 and Bundy at + 400.  

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The Cubs demoted Addison Russell. They had a UTIL IF need before then. 

Villar is not helping his cause. .501 OPS in his last 15 games. 

I would not be surprised if teams are interested in Alberto. I think we saw how valuable he can be to an NL team this series. He even PH and drew a walk. Plus he mashes LHP. 

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I like the July deadline only for us this season. It makes more teams buyers and less sellers. Hopefully this makes it more of a seller's market. Teams may also trade for "gambles", players like Bundy, who didn't look stellar early but have a chance to turn it around. They can't wait and see if they get better.

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I know with the new rules that their is no waiver trade deadline but does that also mean their is no waiver moves allowed.  For example can players still be put on waivers and other teams claim them and the team putting through the wire either let him go or bring him back.  The reason why i thought of this is what if a team puts a guy like Givens on waivers the Angels for example claim him could we allow the Angels to get him and then in turn have a back door agreement type trade in the future for Givens with the Angels, similar to how Zoelner went to us for international money. 

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1 hour ago, interloper said:

Snoozer of a deadline so far. I'm sure it'll get cranked up in the final 48 hours though. 

Yeah ....shocking how slow things are progressing. I'm guessing a lot of last minute stuff that includes teams seeing where they are after this weekend.

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    • Hard to put much stock into what guys like Al Davis says. There is a host of reasons for the team to say in Baltimore. Just because there is a wild arse rumor floating that the team is looking into moving, doesnt make it true, or a probability, either.
    • I want to believe this is true, but I can't get over the fact that Jaime Moyers come along very infrequently, and most often as guys who used to throw harder but have transitioned to pitchability types at the end of their careers. He's not very high on my personal list even though he's clearly an exceptional MiL pitcher. Hopefully I'm wrong.
    • I was worried about the injuries.  Wasn't a risk I was willing to take that high.
    • I was thinking about this the other day. There were quite a few people here that felt like he was the better pick at the time. I really didn't post much then, or now either, but I really liked him as a player.    Bundy was a good selection at the time. He's had a decent career in the grand scheme of things, just not on the level of Rendon.
    • He sounds very much like Ryan Mountcastle, at a high level at least. Profiles as a bat first guy who won't stick at short. With that said, hopefully he doesn't have an obviously deficient arm like Mountcastle. If he turns into a 3B eventually, which is what it sounds like to me, that bat could be a real plus. A ton of development between now and then though. I'd expect them to take it slow with him.
    • Kinga Glyk is the name of the bassist.
    • Am curious your opinion... Mine was generally that hard contact is the hardest skill to teach, and that transferring from contact to power was easier than the opposite. When you have a straight power approach and you're on, it's glorious. However, when you're not in a groove, it gets really ugly. I don't recommend that approach for pretty much anyone. Even supremely talented hitters like Giancarlo Stanton can lose value quickly when they lose the line drive approach to their game. Alternatively, when you're making hard line drive contact regularly, it's easier to let yourself go and crush some balls, IMO. It's when you do too much of that approach that your swing starts to develop real holes. Well, this is all my personal experience, at least.
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