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MLB Strike Is Near?

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11 hours ago, Sessh said:

If the best team doesn't always win in 162, then perhaps the problem is how you define "best" and what you base that on. Maybe it also means that the regular season is pointless as well since not even 162 games is enough to figure out who the "best" team is and therefore maybe determining who the best team is doesn't necessarily have anything to do with how many wins they get in the regular season. So, best also has little to do with the regular season then.

The best team to me is the team that finds ways to beat their opponents when the games matter the most. If you're the "best team" and you can't find a way to beat a team like the Orioles in one game with your season on the line, then they probably shouldn't be called the best team. The best team finds ways to win games and get the job done when it matters. The teams that don't do that lose. When you get to the playoffs, either you find ways to win or you lose. If those teams find some comfort in insisting they're the best team, fine. The best team, to me, endures to the end and wins it all otherwise how can you say you're the best team? You didn't rise to the occasion when it mattered, so maybe there's more to being the best team than stat sheets and regular season records.

There's nothing wrong with that, I guess.  To each his own.  But most of the time "finding a way to win" in a single game or a short series is just a synonym for randomness breaking your way.

I think we've reached a conclusion to this line of debate, and I'll leave it with at least in a short series there's no way to guarantee the Yanks and Sox always win.

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