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Jake Zebron 2019

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So this is a guy, Maryland HS guy, 18th round pick last year. Had a good GCL debut. Projectable body, heard reports that he t96 in HS. He was low 90s in the GCL, featuring a high spin curveball that could be a future plus pitch. 

He’s repeating the GCL this year and has gotten off to a strong start. 

12IP, 0.75 ERA, 6 BB, 15 K 

Hoping he gets a bump to Aberdeen so I can get a look at him. 

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6 innings of shutout ball today, 3 hits, no walks, 5 strikeouts.  That was his longest outing of the year and his ERA stands at 1.38 in 26 IP.    He’s only allowed runs in 2 of his 7 appearances.   

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Zebron threw 5 shutout innings today, one hit, one walk, four strikeouts.    Overall in his last 4 outings he’s allowed 1 run in 18.1 innings.    His ERA over 10 appearances is at 1.17, WHIP 1.20, K/9 8.5.     

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    • If all goes well for Baumann he could be in the rotation next April in Baltimore. Im curious if the plan on stretching out further Peralta to start as well. AAA has proven to be a big challenge for many of our previous prospects. So this experiment should be interesting. 
    • There is really no such thing as a 28-year-old prospect. Watkins was a guy who had some success at lower levels and was brought in to compete for a spot in the AAA rotation and made the most of his opportunity. Yaz was a guy who never dominated AA but was decent in half a season at AAA at 27, had some raw power, and was brought in to shore up the Giants AAA OF situation. Tyler Herb, who the Orioles acquired in that trade in 2019 was quite good at 25 in AA in 2017 (better than Yaz ever was at that level) but struggled in 2018 in AAA. The Orioles probably hoped he would compete for a spot in the AAA rotation and, best case scenario, end up with a handful of productive Major League starts like Watkins has this year. All three of those guys are/were a half step above org guys, and would have become org guys if things didn't go well (as they didn't for Herb).
    • All good moves. Looking forward to putting eyes on the short right-handed Pinto to see if he's guy or not.  It was time for Baumann to take that step as his command has come around of late. Always interesting when they have to pitch with the major league ball at AAA and how long it takes to adjust. Young is the most interesting of the free agent pitchers signed last year so glad to see him challenged at Aberdeen. Rom to Bowie make a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see how his stuff plays against Double-A hitters. I'm hoping they move Peralta to a reliever role and see how he looks there. It was time to see how he spins a major league ball. Vespi is really moving and it's clear the Orioles think he's close to being a big league left-handed reliever, perhaps a replacement for Scott or Fry is they are dealt. The only one missing here is Felix Bautista. While command is still not good, it's better and it's time to see what he looks like with a major league ball against more mature AAA hitters.
    • @MurphDogg I appreciate your reply, it does help clear things up a bit, so question, was Spencer Watkins considered a non-prospect who just got a call because they needed a warm body, and he turned out to do well? Yaz Was considered a non-prospect, and he has obviously done well, was that an extreme outlier?
    • Nice to see Vespi on that list. He has been quietly very solid. Anyone from Norfolk moving up? I would like to see Dusten Knight in Baltimore. 
    • Most interesting is Baumann to Norfolk (finally), Rom to Bowie, and Pinto to Delmarva. Ofelky Peralta to Norfolk is another to keep an eye on, he has been Rule 5 eligible and is somehow only 24. Could still be a big leaguer (likely as a reliever). Brandon Young turns 23 in a couple weeks, was an undrafted free agent in 2020 and has put up decent numbers at Delmarva, so nice to see him move up a level.
    • I was hoping to see Adley Rutschmann's name on the to Norfolk list. At least the AAA schedule lasts until the first week of October, so there's still time for AR to play in AAA this year. 
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