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Trying to Salvage a Split (vs. D-RAYS, 7/14)

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Austin Meadows - RF

Thomas James "T.J." Pham - LF

Kevin James "K.J." Kiermaier - CF

Nate Lowe - DH

Michael Brosseau - 3B

최지만 - 1B

Willy Rafael Luna Adames - SS

Joey Patrick "J.P." Wendle - 2B

Mike Zunino - C

Ryne Thomas Stanek - RHP )) (0-2, 3.26 ERA) *


* )) Leads the Major Leagues in Games Started (25)



Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - 2B

Anthony Santander - LF

Trey Mancini - RF

Renato Nunez - DH

Pedro Severino De Leon - C

Chris Davis - 1B

Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 3B

Steve Wilkerson - CF

Richie Martin - SS

Thomas Darwin Eshelman - RHP )) (0-0, 3.60 ERA)





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Graphic showing most pitchers used in first 91 games since 1913.   2019 Mariners are at 34, we are at 33, so two teams from this season now at the top of the list.   Gary incorrectly said we tied Seattle with Eshelman today.   But he's already pitched so Gary is wrong.

Of course we have used Sucre, Davis, Wilkerson, and Alberto among those 33.

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Ben has been impressed with TB's bats in this series.   He says he didn't realize they could hit the longball as well as they have.

He had only done a handful of Oriole games before this weekend.   He's going to be a regular for most of the rest of the season.  He will learn that a lot of teams look good hitting the longball against the Orioles' staff.

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6 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Solid play by Trey there.   Would be nice to get out of this with just 1 run allowed.

I was pretty sure that would be two runs, possibly three.

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Just now, Moose Milligan said:

I can sense the apathy really taking hold here.

The players or the Hangout?

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11 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Solid play by Trey there.   Would be nice to get out of this with just 1 run allowed.

I heard that on the radio. Melewski was really excited.

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    • I guess the O's hadn't used the cheating technology yet.        
    • Does Cashner require an MLB deal?  Colon would at least draw some press. 
    • I think that was a great win.  Indiana scored on every single trip down the floor to start the second half.  It had to be 13 times down and 13 scores.  Even when they missed, they got the offensive rebound and scored.  I don't think they even made any free throws in that stretch.....it was all made baskets. Sometimes, the other team just decides to try harder and stops missing shots and they did a great job.  This had loss written all over it, so I have to give credit to the Terps for winning a game that they should have lost....which is very rare in the Turge era. 
    • I did in fact create a spreadsheet.     As mentioned, many of the pitchers were on the BA list more than once.    So, I've sorted them into four buckets according to the highest ranking they attained. BA 1-25:  30 pitchers achieved this level, and that group averaged 12.5 rWAR.     Of the 31 pitchers I categorized as "reliable starters," from this bucket you have four of the No. 1 Studs (Kershaw, Price, Strasburg and Bumgarner), one of the Solid No. 2's (Teheran), two of the Mid-Rotation guys (Buchholz and Porcello) and eight of the Middle/Back of Rotation guys (Bailey, Anderson, Tillman, Cahill, M. Perez, Hellickson, Moore and Wheeler).    So, that's 15 of the 30 who became reliable starting pitchers by my definition.  Two of the Stud Relievers, Davis and Chapman, also came from this bucket. BA 26-50: 26 pitchers achieved this level and the group averaged 7.3 rWAR.    The group includes one No. 1 Stud (Cueto), four Solid No. 2's (Gonzalez, Carrasco, Zimmermann and Chacin), one Mid-Rotation guy (Kennedy) and three Mid/Back of Rotation guys (Jurrjens, Holland and Gibson).    Nine out of 26 became reliable starters.   Stud reliever Britton also came from this category. BA 51-75: 23 pitchers reached this level, averaging 6.1 rWAR.   They include one No. 1 Stud (Scherzer), one Solid No. 2 (Arrieta), one Mid-Rotation guy (Leake), and two Mid/Back of Rotation guys (Niese and Cashner).   5 of 23 became reliable starters. BA 76-100: 20 pitchers were in this bucket.    Only two became reliable starters: Samardzija in the Mid-Rotation category and Jonathan Niese in the Mid/Back of Rotation category. Hall and Rodriguez both fall into the second bucket for now, though it's possible they could move up in future years.  
    • Adam Jones being protected from Orix Buffalo fans' adulation:  
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