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Trying to Salvage a Split (vs. D-RAYS, 7/14)

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    • Mountcastle was two years younger. I'll call PCL a wash with the 2019 gopher ball.
    • I’m talking about the Orioles being willing to do it.    Inside Coroner had posited that the O’s were unwilling or unable to eat salary to facilitate a trade and that was one of the reason that option was off the table.    I think they’d be both willing and able to do it.     The problem would be the lack of takers, not the Orioles.    But if Davis truly has a .900 OPS in July — which is the hypothetical under discussion — there might be a taker if we ate enough of the remaining salary.    Frankly, I’m more likely to see a unicorn than for Davis to have a .900 OPS in July.    
    • Pretty decent list. Wouldn’t you say? Some rankings can be adjusted slightly but nothing drastic. No Welk will be something we laugh at in 12 months or sooner however.  Some young guys finally popping up and next year maybe even younger. These are really exciting times for the system.  International talent and a 2020 draft will come to fortify this group in a matter of months too.  Whoa.  
    • He screamed ‘OW!  That was my indicator of him being hurt.  No tension, these guys get along and we’re smiling in a second.  Hall walked off and Grayson threw a few more and was done for the day.   I’m down to help the Hangout too. Of course.  I’m grateful of the opportunity so I’ll do whatever I can.   If that happens and we can get to know them a little it would certainly be fun! They’re out there grinding to climb that ladder but definitely building and enhancing relationships with each other.  I appreciate the support too.  The readers have given me ideas as far as what to look for so I’ve got my material and lots of yours in mind when I get out there.  Today was finally pitchers galore so I hope the notebook reflected that.  
    • Young Mark Trumbo as a comp? Can play 1B, 3B, and RF, but none of them well.  Trumbo AAA .297/.365/.949, 24% K rate Mountcastle AAA .312/.344/.871, 25% K rate
    • The public relation hit, his lack of versatility, his trade protection, prior PED use, contract existing beyond this season.
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