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vs. NATIONALS, 7/16

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Oookkk I’m all for giving a guy a chance, and happy to give Taylor Scott a chance. He’s not doing too well, but happy to be giving him a look.

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23 minutes ago, SteveA said:

Davis on first.  Alberto hits a little blooper over the 1Bmans head. 1Bman and 2Bman make effort to catch it but don't.  One of them quickly picks it up and throws to 2nd to force Davis.  He couldn't go running until it fell or he could be doubled off.   Eddie83 is at the game and he says Davis should have seen it wouldn't be caught and and should have broken to 2nd faster.  But that's not what it looked like to me on TV.  Looked like it could have been caught and Davis would have been doubled off if he broke.

Replace any name with any other name and I’d be equally unsurprised.

we bad

who bad?

we bad

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Just now, Moose Milligan said:

What a kick in the balls this game has turned out to be.

Silver linings, so far, pretty hard to find. Tayler Scott isn't one of them.

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15 minutes ago, eddie83 said:

How bad was the throw over?  Did it bounce?

When I first read this comment, I thought it was referring to Sisco, haha.

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1 minute ago, spiritof66 said:

Silver linings, so far, pretty hard to find.

That sounds like a line from a very bad Neil Diamond song...and all his songs are bad.

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I thought that Wojo was a little bit unlucky in  the 3rd inning, when Mancini failed to catch a ball at the wall with 2 outs.

7 Strikeouts and 0 Walks is a good sign ........ in his last outing he was high on the Strikeouts (6), but he was also high on the Walks (3.)



16 OUTS: 7 Strikeouts, 6 Flyouts, 2 Popouts, 1 Groundout




H:lll 6 )) (2 Home Runs, 2 Doubles, 2 Singles)

R:lllll 3

BB:ll0 ) *


Pitches: )l 95 )(59 )Strikes, )36 )Balls)

2019 ERA: )l 5.74)l 15.67 IP  (10 ER)

2019 WHIP: )l 1.394 )l )  15.67 IP  (21 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )l .254 ))  (16 for 63)


* )) Wojciechowski had 1 Hit Batsman 




26 ll(16 lllStrikes, ll10 lllllBalls)

17 lll(10 lllStrikes, llll71 lllBalls)

24 lll(15 lllStrikes, llll91 lllBalls)

14 lll(91 lllStrikes, llll51 lllBalls)

91 lll(61 lllStrikes, llll31 lllBalls)

51 lll(31 lllStrikes, llll21 lllBalls) ) **


** )) Wojciechowski recorded 1 out before departing in the 6th inning.



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15 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

I'm just more pissed off at the errors this team makes. I don't think, I would change the rule. 

I would based on the fact that it doesn't make sense. If a pitcher commits an error that allows a runner on base and that runner scores, it should not be an unearned run. Of course, the "benefit" is a lower ERA though I don't think any pitcher is going to throw a ball away with two outs just to freeze his ERA for the rest of the inning. Even still, an error by the pitcher that leads to runs should be credited to that pitcher as  earned, not unearned.

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