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Greg Pappas

Adley Rutschman 2019

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On 8/30/2019 at 7:31 AM, fansince1988 said:

I'm guessing he starts next season at Frederick. I am surprised to see he hasn't been able to hit South Atlantic League pitching so far. 3-30 is not a good look for a guy that was considered a premium, close to MLB ready hitter.

He wont be the MVP of International League at 22.  That is for sure.

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Just now, Can_of_corn said:

I don't think anyone is questioning his throwing.

Did you see his laser assist from left the other day?

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3 minutes ago, weams said:

Did you see his laser assist from left the other day?

Yes, but not the most recent one.  Nice catch at the wall tho.


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    • Have fun. Updates on the hour? 😀 I see on Orioles Facebook page people are selling reduced tickets. What is that ? The tickets are $5.00 or a winter coat that you might have in the closet. How much can you make on four tickets at a reduced price? $8.00? $6.00? $10.00?  
    • It really doesn't matter one lick if he's here or not this season. It's 2021 I'd be concerned about.
    • The word "PLEASE" makes all the difference. I'm sure this will work.
    • 38. December 12, 2018 article.  Also, anyone who is on the 38-player Triple-A roster is protected from being picked in the minor league draft. The minor league phase is much simpler--there are no eligibility rules that have to then be maintained. The player is drafted, the player's old organization is paid $24,500 (editor's note: this is updated after originally stating an incorrect figure) and immediately the player becomes a member of his new organization. Almost all of the players picked in the minor league phase of the Rule 5 draft are viewed as useful organizational players for their new team, but occasionally a player does find success with his new organization. Top players picked in the minor league Rule 5 include Alexi Ogando, Justin Bour, Omar Narvaez and Alejandro de Aza. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/explaining-the-rule-5-draft/
    • That recently changed, so there is just a AAA phase, which is why I'm not sure of the exact number.
    • Well it's pretty easy to compare stuff and he's got a better fastball than any of those guys. He has a better curveball than any of those guys. How much better the fastball is going to be the major question. It plays better than any of those guy's fastballs even at the same velocity because of deception and spin axis. But it also is probably harder. He held 94-95 through 50 pitches in a late season outing. Shepard and Brooks averaged 92, Eshelman averaged 86. The changeup probably isn't as good as Shepard or Brooks. But in totality, the stuff is better. How much better depends on how well the fastball velocity would hold as a starter. 
    • In 2018, 13 teams selected 15 players. In 2017, 15 teams selected 18 players. I would question the wording of whether teams did not "participate," as I think not drafting is different than not participating. Some of those teams may have been interested only in a player or two who may have already been drafted when it was time for their pick. If nothing else, the Rule 5 draft may divert enough teams' concentration to suppress trading at the Winter Meetings. But I think there is no way to measure that.
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