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Back in the Tank Os lose 8-1

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46 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

And the Tigers won (Angels are having a rough patch).

Nothing worse than looking forward to a nice cupcake homestand and then laying a nice fat egg instead. 

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    • I’m not sure of the Ravens plans but I have to think that dragging it out longer either costs more money or encourages Stanley to wait and test free agency 
    • There was no binding deal made in March. If there was the players would be suing the league.  You have chosen to ignore facts and logic to fit your preconceived notions.  I am not sure what you have to gain by putting forth an illogical untruthful narrative.
    • Ok, I really am not going to read any more until tomorrow but I couldn't let this stand. I know I am just a small country lawyer and you are a noted labor law expert, but please advise me as to the total lack of logic into my argument. That is great news about teams not having to honor the CBA, I assume that goes for the players too. I guess all the players are free agents now, I hope we sign Mike Trout! Glad that Davis contract albatross is no longer hanging around the Orioles necks! The bottom line is that the owners made a lousy deal in March. It happens. The players have made many missteps in previous CBA negotiations, from not foreseeing the collapse in the free market for mid-range players to not trying to stake a claim early on into MLBAM and other ancillary rights. My belief is that the owners were unrealistically optimistic about the thought of things returning to normal faster than the experts said. Their thought process was likely something along the lines of, "We will be playing by June 1st, and we sell fewer tickets in April and May so getting the players on a one-third discount will be a great deal, maybe we can even increase the number of games played in the summer and make more money off split gate double headers!". They also likely were overly focused on shortening the draft to achieve their long-term goal of cutting minor league teams and saving a few million dollars on the margin.  Unfortunately, actions have consequences, MLB made a bad deal and have to live with the consequences. Maybe they should fire some of the yes-men who assured them that the season will start with fans in mid-May. Maybe they should fire the lawyers that they paid $800+ an hour to negotiate the contract with MLBPA for failing to properly negotiate for the possibility of playing without fans to better insulate themselves from potential losses.  I see both sides, but both sides don't need to compromise. The time for compromise was in March, when the deal was made. A compromise was reached, amateur players got screwed, MLB players got a short term loan (or payment if the season was canceled) to tide themselves over, MLB got cost certainty, and likely (mistakenly) believed that they had pulled one over on the players by cutting their salaries while still being able to hold all the major events of the season and play in front of fans. Now MLB has to honor the deal by paying the players on a pro-rated basis, or open their books and prove to the players that they would lose more money doing that than they would canceling the season. The MLBPA doesn't owe x amount of profitability to MLB, in much the same way that the league doesn't share profits with them. It is a business arrangement entered into by professionals with highly paid lawyers who are among the best in their field. Unfortunately for MLB, it looks like this deal is going to bite them in the behind. It isn't up to the players to bail them out. Hope to hear more constructive comments tomorrow, I am off to enjoy my birthday!  
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