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vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/01

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Keith Law ll (ESPN)

Baseball America

The Ringer

Jim Bowden ll (The Athletic)


Analysis: Breaking Down the Players Involved in Trade for Taylor Trammell, Plus National Reaction

(By Jeff Sanders)




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Bo Joseph "B.J." Bichette - DH

Cavan Biggio - 2B

Vladimir Guerrero Ramos, Jr. - 3B

Justin Kyle "J.K." Smoak - 1B

Randal Grichuk - RF

Freddy Galvis - SS

Teoscar Hernandez - CF

William McKinney (Almost Like the Assassinated President) - LF

Danny Jansen - C

Trent Edward Thornton - RHP )) (3-7, 5.45 ERA)



Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS

Trey Mancini - RF

Anthony Santander - LF

Renato Nunez - DH

Jace Ryan "J.R" Peterson - 3B

Chance Sisco - C

Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Chris Davis - 1B

Steve Wilkerson - CF

Randall Asher Wojciechowski - RHP )) (2-3, 3.60 ERA)





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I get to watch the game with you all live tonight. We have a VERY special visitor coming to tour the plant where I work today. Us 2nd shifters have the option of coming in early to see him (8am... ugh!) and then taking the night off. I'm taking it.

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17 hours ago, scOtt said:

I get to watch the game with you all live tonight. We have a VERY special visitor coming to tour the plant where I work today. Us 2nd shifters have the option of coming in early to see him (8am... ugh!) and then taking the night off. I'm taking it.

The Honorable Vice President Mike Pence! :eek:



Closeup of him and his wife Karen.



Security was tight of course. Here's two snipers hauling "gear" up to the roof.


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9 minutes ago, Yossarian said:

I still think they have Davis batting too high in the order.

9th is too high...

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I have video of Mr. Pence and his wife taking the stage. But I don't want to put it up on youboob. I already had one picture "disappeared"...

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This probably isn't the right forum for this question, but oh well.....

I have only been to Baltimore once (about 20 years ago).  I spent some time walking the inner harbor and caught a game at Camden Yards (a real shame for an Orioles fan dating back to the early 80s to have only attended one game live there).  I enjoyed my time there and didn't find the areas that I saw objectionable.  Baltimore, obviously, has become a hot topic nationally - is it as bad as is being reported there?  Rat infestations, failing schools and education system, crime ridden, etc.?  What is going on?

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    • I am still adjusting to all the new people, in part because I watch over the MLB app and I frenetically switch between the TV, radio, home/away feeds so everyone kinda blurs together (particularly after a few beers). I think Ben is awesome on color. I like Melanie the best so far on play by play. Her even, steady, slow, accurate calls are a classic style. I find her voice pleasing. Sure, she could work on the excitement a bit perhaps, but I think it is better to grow into excitement than to come to the door with it. She will find her signature call. She has the most upside of the lot I think.
    • I don't have a problem with the baseball knowledge or game calling accuracy of anyone on the TV or radio crews this year. I fully understand the difficult circumstances and that they're beholden to what they see on TV. I don't think any of them are dunces about baseball. I'm sure all of them are very nice people, too. The lack of excitement -- especially with Scott Garceau -- is the worst thing for me. Jim Hunter may not have known the sport, but at least he knew how to make a home run call. He was also an excellent setup man for Jim Palmer's often sarcastic retorts. Palmer was so great at underhandedly insulting Hunter for not even "getting it" after Palmer hinted at it and it was so funny. Their dynamic was far more entertaining than Garceau and McDonald.
    • In some areas of private industry, there's a (fairly brutal, honestly) performance management process called "stack ranking." In stack ranking, everyone's performance is compared against each other, using a combination of objective and subjective metrics. The elite few at the top get raises and/or promotions; the solid contributors get to coast along undisturbed; the struggling end up getting "help" to try to improve their performance; and the worst of the worst get fired. This happens on a monthly, bi-annual or yearly cadence depending on the company. Stack ranking of umpires would be based on their accuracy on calls compared to the "correct" call via video review / electronic strike zone. You could set up the strata exactly as you do for tech workers: give raises to the best, let the good ones keep going, pull the struggling ones from daily MLB games and have them work on their calls and improve in some kind of umpiring camp, and just fire the worst ~1% every year. The other thing you could do is add more umpires to the umpiring pool. This would increase the "overhead" cost of umpiring, yes, but by adding more umpires without adding more teams or games, you could set up a situation where only the best X% of umpires get to call MLB games on the regular. The rest would either call simulated games, extended spring training games, or minor league games until they get better.
    • Please no more Jim Hunter EVER.  Joe Angel is retired.  I expect Gary and Jim back next year.  I agree with Frobby and Tony.  I think the new crew has done very well under trying circumstances.  You are sitting in an empty stadium watching a TV calling play by play.  Ben McDonald is great.  I hope Brian Roberts comes back next year.  I like Melanie Newman.  Like Tony says she knows baseball.  She can work on her excitement at times but these are all new people she is working with again under unusual conditions.  Scott is fine.  Maybe I am unobjective because I know he is such a good guy but I think that comes through during the broadcast much like it does with Gary Thorne.  I like that this regime of the Orioles made changes in response to what fans told them.  They tried to make the presentation better and I think they have very much overall.  I am sure they will tweek the changes and make it even better.
    • I haven't heard much from our radio guys, but it's kind of hilarious how the MLB editors in this highlight reel had to pull in our radio broadcasters multiple times for the call when Scott Garceau is using a living room conversational voice to call a big play where the O's are scoring.  Based on this, I'm satisfied with the radio crew. I just really hate Scott Garceau's complete and total lack of energy. Ben is a great color guy but I wouldn't want him calling the play by play either, he's also extremely sedate.  
    • Here's a whole playlist. 1981 album.  
    • Absolutely atrocious. Never seen umpiring that bad.    8th inning, tying run on second, Castro should have had Quinn struck out on #4. Phillies announcer said "3-1...I think? That looked right down the middle." Also given a free ball on#1.  Game on the line, Sulser should have had Harper struck out on #4. Perfect pitch painting the corner. 
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