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2020 Draft Possibilities

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Tigers have been putting good effort into getting 1:1 next year. Looking at mock drafts and prospect rankings, there are again clear cut favorites for the top picks like last year.

As of now, Hancock, Martin, and Torkleson are the three top players. 

I'd love Hancock (but am afraid Tigers will take him 1:1), I'd be really happy with Martin (Whether its at 3rd or SS at MLB level), I'm not sure if Torkleson is what we'd be looking for (Another plus hit tool, firstbase only player)

It would be tough pill to swallow to have back to back picks in the top three of the draft and not come away with a potential Front of the Rotation Ace

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When you are rebuilding, I think you have to not take any chance and take more of a sure thing.    I'd go with Austin Martin or Spencer Torkelson, even if Torkelson is limited to First Base only...



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    • https://art19.com/shows/baltimore-orioles-inside-the-yard-podcast   This one is a bit dated (aired on 8/25), but Steenstra talked about the pitchers at the Bowie alternate site. Said that Kremer came back a different pitcher this year, having picked up a couple of mph on his fastball and developed a cutter/slider.    Described him as very intellectual. Said Baumann is “an animal” on the mound with great velocity that carries through the zone.    Said he developed a very good curve ball over the winter to complement his fastball/slider combo. Said Zimmermann was 87-89 and throwing sinkers when we got him, now throws 94-95 with a four pitch mix. Hall has great stuff but working with him to make delivery consistent and combat bouts of wildness.    Rodriguez had gotten to camp a bit later so didn’t talk much about him. Sounds like they had the starters built up to 5 innings and were facing a lot of the same hitters over and over because only 7 position players in camp and one of them has to be catching.    Three catchers in camp.   They were using Trackman to call balls and strikes so guys like Hall and Rodriguez were experiencing a major league strike zone.  
    • The cherry pick leaderboard, custom with 9/3 start date to exclude the last bad Mets start before "the Talk": https://www.fangraphs.com/leaders.aspx?pos=all&stats=pit&lg=al&qual=y&type=1&season=2020&month=1000&season1=2020&ind=0&team=0&rost=0&age=0&filter=&players=0&startdate=2020-09-03&enddate=2020-09-30&sort=9%2Cd I would have said AL Pitcher of Month candidate, but Cole has been Cole, and apparently Chris Bassitt has a 0.34 ERA this month.  (I still think the A's might not use him next week). I suspect he'll progress from being like a $5 pitcher to like a $12 pitcher in the LABRs/Touts of the world, as a proxy for how gamers value his expected future superficial stats.
    • I agree.  Some folks think he should be considered untouchable in trade talks and I don't know why. He looks like a useful piece, when healthy, but he didn't look like an overpowering weapon out there.
    • Two issues I see for Means. He seems to get dinged up, he's missed time in both 2019 and 2020 with minor injuries.  You generally consider a TOR guy to be durable. He doesn't go deep enough into games.    This is 2020 I'm not expecting him to throw a dozen complete games but a TOR guy needs to eat some innings and Means hasn't shown that yet.
    • To me, Hunter Harvey never looked that good this year.    Velocity was good but movement seemed flat, and secondary stuff almost non-existent.    His ERA was good until allowing a 3-run homer yesterday (only two runs were earned), but he just hasn’t looked as good.   Fewer strikeouts, more hard contact, less late life on his pitches.   
    • We won’t have a tie with Detroit because they won’t play 60 games.    If we lose today and they either win or don’t play due to weather, we finish worse.   
    • Previous years record is the tiebreaker. Not sure how we can get ahead of Detroit then?
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