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vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/03

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

Checks in on the Tigers game...

Tigers are too strong for us to catch. The suck is strong in this one.

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4 minutes ago, Philip said:

Bundy has issues.

I’ve said often that everybody in the major leagues as a fine athlete and a periodically fine player. Except for the careless guys, for whom there is no cure.

Bundy is just inconsistent, and that is the true sign of the mediocre player. He’s an OK player for right now, but he’s never going to be on a successful team.

However, he might be a perfect “change of scenery” guy. I would love to see him traded, And I wonder if a new team could make him a more consistently good pitcher.

His loss of velocity which has not returned has made him a different pitcher...plus his flyball HR rates, plus his periodic loss of command....there are many pitchers who likely could provide what Bundy will going forward .

Here is where we all were in 2011 Baseball America comp article on draftees...so sad Dylan got hurt...

Dylan Bundy, SP (Baltimore)

Comp: Roy Oswalt

Anything short of full-fledged ace-dom would be a disappointment for the best high-school pitcher in the 2011 draft.

Perhaps that’s an unfair burden to place on 18-year-old Dylan Bundy, but the kid is too damn good to deny it. When you throw an easy 98 with secondary pitches developed well beyond your years, there’s no stopping the runaway freight train of high hopes.

At 6’1” and an already-filled-out 200 lbs., Bundy doesn’t fit the typical power-pitcher mold. Much like the similarly undersized Roy Oswalt, the Oklahoma prep star generates tremendous power from his lower half.

Between the two, Bundy is the harder thrower. In the scouting paradigm, that places his ceiling even higher than the former Houston No. 1.

Eighteen years old. Hasn’t pitched a professional inning. Higher ceiling than Roy Oswalt.

Let that percolate.


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1 minute ago, tntoriole said:

No hit by this guy....good grief....unacceptable.

Left-hander Thomas Pannone is making his 27th appearance this season, but only his fifth start. He’s carrying a 5.98 ERA and 1.430 WHIP in 49 2/3 innings.

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Just now, scOtt said:

Lucky there! Wilkerson was out by 5 feet at 3rd.

On replay it was more like 8 or 10 feet.



Trey with the Earl Special!!!! :awesome:

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    • Well drat. I thought he had done better then that. Our other guys must have been really awful for him to look so good by comparison.
    • If he duplicates a 97 wRC+ as a corner outfielder, he's not a meaningful part of anything. Quite a bit of improvement is needed.
    • I saw Mountcastle a little in ST 1.0.  His arm looks much worse than DJ.   DJ's arm in left is probably average.  Mountcastle's arm is not close to average anywhere on the field but DH.   I will say my looks have been limited but what I have read and seen bears this out so far.    
    • DJ has more experience and a better arm but overall the bats will probably decide who get the playing time. Where does this come from? Mountcastle came up as a SS and although his arm is not ML caliber at SS, DJ Stewart has one of the worst arms I have ever seen. I haven't watched Mountcastle in person but I don't think it is possible for him to have a worse arm than DJ
    • If that's the case, I'm not sure I bother carrying three catchers. Maybe for the 30-man, but definitely dropping one the first time the roster contracts. I get the demand of the position, but I'm not sure having that much protection is needed given it's one position out of 10. I get you could potentially use a catcher in the DH spot, but not sure any of our catchers have shown we need to keep their bats in the lineup when they're not behind the dish.
    • Brandon Hyde as made it clear.  Ryan Mountcastle will spend most of his time practicing in left field.   That puts DJ Stewart on notice.   If DJ wants to hold on to his left field starting spot he better hit well. Mountcastle brings with him an 871 OPS in AAA last year.   He is expected to be a middle of the order bat.   He just has to get better at playing the field.   Left field to be exact.   Maybe some 1B.   His service time situations will be behind after 6 days of the season passes.   After that the pressure builds to get the O's #4 prospect into the major league lineup.  The O's have a few middle of the order bats.  Maybe Hays if he is not leading off.  Santander and Nunez.  Davis if he can find his resurgence.  Mountcastle would be a nice addition with the bat. DJ Stewart brings other possibilities.   Plate discipline has been a skill of his in the minors.    396 OBP in AAA last season.   That would look nice in the #2 spot in the order.   He also can bring power and if he builds on the 944 OPS he put up at Norfolk last year he could be hard to beat out.   So far in 165 at bats in the majors he has a 744 OPS.  That will not hold off Mountcastle.    So it is up to DJ to get off to a good start and keep hitting. Defensively neither of these players is a plus left fielder.   DJ has more experience and a better arm but overall the bats will probably decide who get the playing time. If Stewart does get off to a good start and Chris Davis does not maybe Mountcastle finds playing time at first.   After 31 homers last season, Nunez has a long leash at DH.   Although if Ruiz continues to not hit lefties, Nunez may platoon at 3B opening some at bats for Mountcastle at DH.   But platooning is not what the O's want for Mountcastle.   They want that bat in the lineup everyday. Stewart/Mountcastle/ Davis will be an interesting combo to watch this season.   The answer to who plays is in the bats.
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