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vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/03

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

Checks in on the Tigers game...

Tigers are too strong for us to catch. The suck is strong in this one.

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4 minutes ago, Philip said:

Bundy has issues.

I’ve said often that everybody in the major leagues as a fine athlete and a periodically fine player. Except for the careless guys, for whom there is no cure.

Bundy is just inconsistent, and that is the true sign of the mediocre player. He’s an OK player for right now, but he’s never going to be on a successful team.

However, he might be a perfect “change of scenery” guy. I would love to see him traded, And I wonder if a new team could make him a more consistently good pitcher.

His loss of velocity which has not returned has made him a different pitcher...plus his flyball HR rates, plus his periodic loss of command....there are many pitchers who likely could provide what Bundy will going forward .

Here is where we all were in 2011 Baseball America comp article on draftees...so sad Dylan got hurt...

Dylan Bundy, SP (Baltimore)

Comp: Roy Oswalt

Anything short of full-fledged ace-dom would be a disappointment for the best high-school pitcher in the 2011 draft.

Perhaps that’s an unfair burden to place on 18-year-old Dylan Bundy, but the kid is too damn good to deny it. When you throw an easy 98 with secondary pitches developed well beyond your years, there’s no stopping the runaway freight train of high hopes.

At 6’1” and an already-filled-out 200 lbs., Bundy doesn’t fit the typical power-pitcher mold. Much like the similarly undersized Roy Oswalt, the Oklahoma prep star generates tremendous power from his lower half.

Between the two, Bundy is the harder thrower. In the scouting paradigm, that places his ceiling even higher than the former Houston No. 1.

Eighteen years old. Hasn’t pitched a professional inning. Higher ceiling than Roy Oswalt.

Let that percolate.


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1 minute ago, tntoriole said:

No hit by this guy....good grief....unacceptable.

Left-hander Thomas Pannone is making his 27th appearance this season, but only his fifth start. He’s carrying a 5.98 ERA and 1.430 WHIP in 49 2/3 innings.

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Just now, scOtt said:

Lucky there! Wilkerson was out by 5 feet at 3rd.

On replay it was more like 8 or 10 feet.



Trey with the Earl Special!!!! :awesome:

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    • Talk about "lack of imagination..." -- I'm talking about the ZiPS figures, not Szymborski or the Orioles. Hardly seems worth running the projections over five years if there's so little variation from year to year for each of those players. Maybe I'm just spoiled by wildly fluctuating careers in baseball sim games... or reality itself.
    • Wow, I'm shocked to see we're technically still in it. I basically called it done a couple of losses ago. But how could I forget, it ain't over till it's over! 6 games left, so basically the O's have been in contention for 90 percent of the season. Who'd a thunk?
    • The original intention is to stock up on international players which he’s also done. 
    • Well, we're up against it now.   Toronto beat the Yankees tonight.  There's now only one way the O's can make the playoffs: 1) Sweep the Red Sox 2) Toronto loses three to the Yankees the next three days 3) Seattle loses at least 2 games ([email protected], 4 vs Oak)*     *If Seattle goes 5-1 or better, we would still be OK if Houston loses at least 5 of their last 6 (2vsSea, 4 vs Tex) 4) Angels lose at least 1 more game (2 vs SD, 3 @Dodgers)
    • o   (vs. DEVIL RAYS, 9/21)   deGrom had 14 Strikeouts over 7 Inning Pitched tonight ...... but he was charged with a loss, as his Mets fell by a score of 2-1.   https://www.espn.com/mlb/boxscore?gameId=401226481   For the 2020 season overall, deGrom has a 2.14 ERA and an 0.921 WHIP.   o
    • “Keegan Akin started in the bullpen this year with the Baltimore Orioles but has since moved to the rotation. So far it has been paying off for the Orioles as the rookie has been nothing short of impressive. In four starts Akin has produced a 2.35 ERA, 1.62 FIP, 36.4 K%, and 15.5 SwStr%. What is even more impressive is who he put those numbers up against. In those four starts he has faced the Yankees twice, the Braves, and the Blue Jays. All very formidable offenses.  “The only issue with Akin besides the small sample size is that he lives in the zone a little too much. He has a low O-Swing% of 26.3% which means hitters aren’t chasing him outside of the zone. With command issues stemming from the minors he also might be hesitant to live outside the zone and risk walking too many hitters. This is definitely something we have to monitor.   “Akin’s main strength is his fastball which has above average movement in both vertical and horizontal movement. While it doesn’t have much velocity the movement of the pitch makes up for it. He also places it well trying to place it high in the zone as often as possible. That fastball is paired with a changeup that straight up fools hitters. It comes in 10 mph slower than his fastball with late vertical drop at the bottom of the zone. His changeup currently holds an impressive 20.3 SwStr%. “As for 2021 Akin will be an interesting pitcher to evaluate. A very small sample size alone puts a lot of this into question. But with what looks like a solid fastball/changeup combination he will be worth a shot towards the end of drafts.” https://fantasy.fangraphs.com/analyzing-rookie-pitchers-part-ii/
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