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Trying to Salvage a Split (vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/04)

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    • Could have been the TUE but he chewed tobacco as a simulant in his good years.  He would come to the plate looking wired.  They banned the tobacco about the time he stopped  hitting.    He does not look wired any more and has not for a long time.   The TUE was to help him focus.  I think the tobacco enhanced that.  Also age has eroded the reflexes at this point.   Its a shame what has happened to him.  I think he is a really good person. As far as him retiring and walking away from the money.  Would you?
    • So, if this is true, what does it mean for the O's?   Adley has not played a day at AA or AAA.  Does he begin the season at one of those levels and get moved up after a couple of months?   If that is true do they non tender Severino and being the season with cheaper players like Sisco and Wynns?   Wynns is out of options so he will have to go through  waivers if he is sent down.   Maybe that is why Wynns is still on the 40 man roster. What does that do to the catching depth?   O's have signed Taylor Davis to a AAA minor league contract.   When the Rutschman era is ready to begin, I think that means that other talented players get promoted faster.  Diaz was reported to be close to ready for the major last summer.   He may spend a few days at AAA but if he has a good spring camp and looks good he will probably be up to the majors before very long.  All the more reason to make room on the 26 man roster by DFAing Nunez. If Rutschman is in the majors the O's will not want to rush GrayRod and DL Hall but they will want promote them up levels as soon as they think they are ready.  I think the slow rounding is over when Rutschman arrives.  It will be time to play the core team together as soon as they can.  
    • Came to post this. Heard just the first four bars of guitar in a completely unrelated video. Dug DEEP down in my brain and drug this out.  
    • I had a recommendation of Diamond Head! Just today. Still got it in a TODO tab...  
    • Gee whiz!  So much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth over DFA'ing of a journeyman (at best) DH.  
    • This isn't the same argument or it isn't to me.  But I think if the Orioles throw Nunez away because they don't want or can't afford to spend 2 MILLION dollars, then I agree with you.  I just think it is much more likely that he is a fair DH but not much else and the O's have several other guys that are going to be getting those DH ab's.   I worry more about him taking a step forward to another level.  I also believe that if Elias shared my view he would be on the team because 2 mil would be cheap.  The team dropped 3.5 mil on Iglesias.   I think they will spend, but I think they will also look for ways to eliminate redundancy.  
    • From Baseball America 19 MLB Prospects Who Impressed Scouts At Instructional League In 2020. Adley Rutschman, C, Orioles Rutschman refined his swing at the alternate site over the summer and showed off the finished product in instructs. He showed the ability to hit for power, hit for average and played at least above-average defense behind the plate. Beyond his tools, Rutschman’s polish stood out prominently—evaluators opined he was not only ready for the major leagues, but that he would be one of MLB’s best catchers immediately.
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