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Trying to Salvage a Split (vs. BLUE JAYS, 8/04)

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    • Yeah, no. Paul, YOU'RE better than that.  It's very different because in your female boss scenario, you're making a comparison based on a female having a position of power and influence on day to day work responsibilities.  Comparing someone I'd hypothetically have to answer to (and not that I should have to justify it or that you even care, but my favorite boss ever was female) and have to work with in order to make a living wage isn't even remotely in the same stratosphere as a preference on who'd I'd like to call a baseball game on the radio while I'm driving home from work.  That's not a valid comparison.  Slightly less poor is your comparison about having a "black manager" who was bad and therefore sticking to white managers.   Never said women couldn't be broadcasters.  Never said women shouldn't be broadcasters.  In fact I'm pretty sure that I said that the new broadcaster has to know her stuff in order to get where she is.  But that doesn't keep both of you from making leaps in conclusions and putting words in my mouth and telling me what I need to get "accustomed to," because it doesn't jive with your social agendas.  In regards to being open minded, of course I'm going to listen.  It's not like I'm going to boycott the games if she's in the booth.  C'mon. Guys, I'm not apologizing for a personal preference and what I'd like to listen to.  It's as simple as that. 
    • I don’t agree with Moose’s position, but I understand his point.    I’m sure it’s not going to affect how often he watches or listens to games, and hopefully she will do a good job and those who don’t think they’ll like listening to her will find out that they do in fact like her.    
    • I agree that Herrera has the most offensive upside of the group. I always thought they signed him to compete at 3B, but it sounds like maybe he's more of a 2B. Either way, there are some questions about both Alberto and Ruiz, so he helps protect those areas a bit. 
    • Hi all. With the Mods help I'd like to have this thread closed, since this thread's purpose was to take an early off-season look at some of the top prospects.  Now that the seasons have gotten underway, we should look to shift the chat to this one instead:   
    • Looks like the weather will be really nice this weekend when the games start.    Can’t wait!
    • If the contract had started in 2019 (Betts’ age 26 season) and continued though 2030 (his age 37 season), you could make a straight-faced argument for 12/$420 mm, though I’d still say that’s a significant overpay.    He certainly won’t get 12/$420 when he becomes a free agent.    Such a contract would cover his ages 28-39 seasons, and there’s just too many older years packed in there.     
    • It’s not a bad comparison. I heard people say those things. As you note some people said worse things, eugenic crap even, but some people did say that about football and certainly many have used very similar Words to discuss blacks and women in all kinds of jobs. He said the woman couldn’t do the job to his satisfaction. Basically That he was not comfortable having a woman do that job. Exchange black for woman and the bias is clear. Again I don’t know moose personally but he seems like a great guy and if I remember correctly he is sensitive to racism in the way fans perceive players etc. These are biases that basically all of us have to some extent, but they basically don’t go away if you don’t see them for what they are. Again, I’m not dumping on Moose, but the attitude is sexist. It’s a cultural sexual bias. Again, exchange black for woman and it would be racist. Justifying a racial preference by saying blacks and whites sound different and it’s just about voice would be the same I’m not racist justification. 
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