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Beat 'Dem Yanks (vs. YANKEES, 8/05)

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    • Nice to see Vespi on that list. He has been quietly very solid. Anyone from Norfolk moving up? I would like to see Dusten Knight in Baltimore. 
    • Most interesting is Baumann to Norfolk (finally), Rom to Bowie, and Pinto to Delmarva. Ofelky Peralta to Norfolk is another to keep an eye on, he has been Rule 5 eligible and is somehow only 24. Could still be a big leaguer (likely as a reliever). Brandon Young turns 23 in a couple weeks, was an undrafted free agent in 2020 and has put up decent numbers at Delmarva, so nice to see him move up a level.
    • I was hoping to see Adley Rutschmann's name on the to Norfolk list. At least the AAA schedule lasts until the first week of October, so there's still time for AR to play in AAA this year. 
    • It would wouldn't it? He came back for two games then disappeared again. Unfortunately the Orioles are like getting secrets out of the Kremlin when it comes to injury issues for their minor leaguers. Never seen anything like it and I've gone all the way to Elias to try and get it resolved but apparently, it comes from him since I was told they are all on the same sheet of music when it comes to giving out information.  Doesn't change how they are rebuilding from my perspective, but it's annoying as a guy who has covered the team for this long to need it to be leaked out or wait until they give it to their MASN guys. Fans are following the minors and the Orioles only want to feed them good news stories and propaganda.  It is what it is, but it's disappointing.
    • To Norfork:  RHP David Lebron Ofelky Peralta RHP Mike Baumann  LHP Nick Vespi  To Bowie (from Norfolk) RHP Tyler Joyner  RHP Diogenes Almengo  
    • Every level has a handful of "org guys" which are guys that aren't really prospects and are just organizational filler, necessary to fill out minor league rosters. In all likelihood, 80 percent or so of the players taken after round 8 or so in this draft will, within three years, either be out of baseball or will be org guys themselves. Age compared to their level is probably the easiest way to gauge who these guys are. Another way to tell is if a player is moving all over different minor league levels seemingly not based on merit. Willy Yahn is an example of the latter, having split time evenly at four minor league levels this season. Looking at for instance, the Baysox roster, any player that is 25 or older is an org guy unless there is an extenuating circumstance (Patrick Dorian). At Aberdeen that number is probably 24, although 24 year-old guys who started with Aberdeen and are now with Bowie (Rizer, Watson, and Welk) aren't org guys yet, they were slightly old for the level due to the missed 2020 season. Ryan Ripken is far and away the most famous org guy in the system.
    • Promoted to AAA? https://www.milb.com/norfolk/roster
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