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Beat 'Dem Yanks (vs. YANKEES, 8/05)

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Just now, scOtt said:

Oh yeah. Trey was the 2nd. Pretty bad send then.

Yeah, Gardner has a bad arm but Gregorious threw a bullet on the relay.

Trey is not the swiftest runner in the world.

I give 3rd base coaches a lot of leeway.聽 聽I don't think everyone thrown out at the plate is a bad send.聽聽聽But that WAS a bad send.

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1 minute ago, SteveA said:

Man, if there were a bunch of British scouts in sections 90 and 92, Stevie Wilkerson would be a GOD right now.

I'll tell you what... That's 4000 Oriole fans heading home to the UK!

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    • That would go against the unwritten rule written about besmirching the hitting ability of position players like DJ Stewart... though actually Kevin Gausman recently won a game pinch-hitting - with a walk-off sac fly - pinch-hitting for a pitcher.聽 聽 聽聽
    • I said he's "ahead of Mayo on the timeline". That's not to indicate I think he's a better player or a better prospect, just that I think he debuts in the Majors ahead of Mayo and that's a "it is what it is" type of thing. All I'm trying to say with my comment is I'm glad both are in the system.聽
    • Losing is one thing but to lose at losing might be too much to take. It might be time for聽a massive COVID outbreak聽馃槈 to cancel the rest of the Orioles season, all games forfeited. Elijah Green come on down.聽
    • Interesting, i never knew that.
    • Cowser had a great start to his professional career. The OBP (.476),聽wRC+ (158) and WOBA (.435) were all very impressive at Delmarva. Next year I'd like to see him tap into his power a bit more, but nothing to be unhappy about right now. Besides, is anyone聽going to be upset if he can be a .380-.400 OBP guy at the major league level even if he ends up only hitting 8-15 homers a year?聽
    • So to summarize, there are some incidents in your journey to the here and now for which you have been besmirched. 聽You accept the besmirchment as "part and parcel" to your being and rather enjoy it. 聽Your wife knows them but聽still retains your service, however fragilely. 聽You still pride yourself for having had them - correct? I have been besmirched multiple times also. 聽I sometimes wince as I recall them and deservedly so, even remembering individuals and things that聽I was "entangling" while earning my besmirchment. 聽They still enjoy a fair amount of laughter as they are recounted so it was worth it. 聽My wife knows about nearly all of them also. 聽Now if there is a hereafter, I guess I had better atone for these misdeeds or potentially suffer a greater, more lasting "besmirchment". 聽馃槆 But we have digressed from the John Means accolades and must return this thread to critiquing JM's progress this year. 聽How about that two-bagger and wasn't it unlucky that the wild pitch returned to Realmuto so easily to make him an easy out at third? 聽Baseball has a way of聽getting even when crazy things occur.
    • I was at the game last night. Had a great view from behind home plate in the lower level standing area. Means' changeup is elite. He was making Bryce Harper look聽real bad. Awesome game and my first time catching a win in four trips to see the O's this season. Also, shout out to Means for his career .929 OPS as a hitter haha.
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