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Beat 'Dem Yanks (vs. YANKEES, 8/05)

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Just now, scOtt said:

ANOTHER runner thrown out at the plate!

I think he might be safe. Challenging it.

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Just now, Chavez Ravine said:

Lol. What is the point of replay again?

To give NY and Boston an advantage. Get them in the Playoffs. Raise TV ratings. $$$$$

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I wanted to see the replay. No chance for Davis holding the runner then jumping off the bag. Going the wrong way, ball already by him.

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Man, that is the exact thing you want when you bring the infield in.   And we can't convert.

Have to think Richie would have made a better throw.

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    • Good replies but I did not say to sign any expensive free agents. I suggested filling in as Elias suggested on last weeks Hot Stove show the need for an experienced middle infielder (Iglesias), starting pitching (Wheeler or Odorizzi) and relief pitching Hudson and Harris.  None of them will break the bank but will solve his needs. Most of these players will probably get 1 year or 2 year deals. The starters I named may push for 3 years but I would stay away from any requiring more than 2 years since we have a number of young starters moving up soon. 70 wins is obtainable with a few additions. How many games did our pen blow last season.  Givens alone cost us probably 8 or more games and the rest of the pen others. I think most of us would be happy if we reached 70 in 2020.
    • Yeah I guess it doesn’t matter that he’s nearly 30. 
    • No.... .....and it is one of the most depressing / infuriating / frustrating things about the last two years. The guy is a millstone around the neck of the franchise. Mancini should be playing first. Anyone could see the rebuild coming, knew it would be difficult, but looked forward to seeing the emerging players. Some will flame out, some will flicker with hope, and some (Means seems to be the first) will exceed expectations. But C F'ing Davis watching belt high 91 mph sinkers for strike three with that deer in the headlights walk back to the dugout look.....   ugh. That I wish we could be spared.
    • As a state employee, I enjoy watching people dig themselves deeper into holes.
    • Doesn’t bother me that Gammons mentioned he was dumped by the Orioles.    That’s part of the story.   
    • Nope.    But we’re talking about next year.    Elias says Davis is following a regimen they set for him.   I’m not optimistic it will work but we’ll see.   Honestly the regimen may have more to do with execution than approach, if you follow me.     
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