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Greg Pappas

Opening Day 2020

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On 8/7/2019 at 11:08 AM, Greg Pappas said:

What are your expectations or just best guesses for our 25-man roster come OD 2020? Again, we're talking about 'to start the season'.
Here are mine-- 

1B: Mancini
2B: H. Alberto
SS: Martin
3B: Ruiz or Jace P (I know, I know... but the O's haven't seemed too keen on Nunez as the main 3B)
C: Severino
LF: Stewart
CF: Wilkers... aww nevermind, sorry, I have no idea...  (I San tan dare you to find a real CF option in our whole system- LOL!)
RF: Santander
DH: Nunez
Bench: Random Utility Guy (Rondon maybe?)
Bench: Sisco
Bench: Chris Davis (they haven't released him thus far, so...) 

WARNING! The following pitching staff (especially the relievers) may cause anxiety, night terrors, migraines, upset stomach, diarrhea, retinal damage, itching, rashes, high(er) blood pressure, bleep apnea (the cessation of breathing from over-cursing) and/or just plain dread. :D

Starter: Means
Starter: Bundy
Starter: Cobb
Starter: Wojciechowski
Starter: Eshelman
Reliever: Ynoa
Reliever: Tayler Scott
Reliever: Armstrong
Reliever: Kline
Reliever: Tanner Scott
Reliever: Tate
Reliever: Fry
Reliever: Castro

--Givens will be dealt and Villar will be too, unless released.

I’m glad you’re doing this, although I think everybody would agree that it’s way too early to even speculate. However, based on lack of progress, it’s unlikely that even half of the pitching staff you mention will be here.

A far more likely choice would be made by looking at the fringe guys on the rosters of teams with the best farm system and the oldest players. A lot of guys are going to be dumped to make rule five room, and the better farm teams will have to make hard choices about worthwhile players. I think that’s where we need to be looking 

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1 hour ago, Greg Pappas said:

With the 2019 team on pace to win 53 games, I'd be curious what posters feel the 'win expectation' would be for the 2020 team. 
Will next years team be good enough to get to 60+ wins? I think it's very possible, but getting close to 70 would be a nice surprise.

I think it really depends on how the pitching performs. Like I said in my post I think the offense could be decent with a full season of Santander, Hays hopefully in center (who I think will hit), Stewart  contributing, and Mountcastle coming up.  If Mancini returns, the only automatic out would be Martin at short assuming they don't bring in a new guy.  

But the pitching will be suspect.  Will Means be good? Will Cobb be healthy and contribute? Will Bundy be serviceable? 

It also depends on Elias' approach to the offseason.  Maybe he brings in a couple veteran relief pitchers to help stabilize the pen. 

I think their ceiling could be 70ish wins and a floor of 50-55. Probably end up somewhere in between.  But they'll be a lot of moving parts in the offseason. 

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I’ve realized that the pitching is the most important followed by a defense that compliments the pitching. With fly ball pitchers you need outstanding OFs, which we don’t have.

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