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vs D-RAYS 8/24

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Outstanding Strikes-to-Balls ratio ........ )100 Pitches (70 )Strikes, )30 )Balls.

57% of the outs that Means recorded (12 out of 21) were in the air.



21 OUTS: 8 Flyouts, 7 Strikeouts, 2 Groundouts, 2 Popouts, 2 Lineouts




H:llll 5 )l (1 Home Run, 1 Double, 3 Singles)   

R:lllll 1



Pitches: )l 100(70 )Strikes, )30 )Balls) 

2019 ERA: ))3.61  ))  117.33 IP  (47 ER) 

2019 WHIP: ))1.185  ))  117.33 IP  (139 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).238 ) (107 for 450) 




14 ll(10 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

81 ll(51 lllStrikes, llllllBalls)

13 ll(91 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

11 ll(91 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

20 ll(13 llStrikes, llllllBalls)

17 ll(14 lllStrikes, lllllllBalls)

17 ll(10 lllStrikes, lllllllBalls)



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1 minute ago, SteveA said:

Non baseball related: Andrew Luck retires.

I know that name... but I don't.

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The whole time I've seen that "Squirrel" name on Harvey's jersey I've been thinking of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Boris in his Russian accent pronouncing it squeerrrrrill.

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25 minutes ago, scOtt said:

I had squirrel salad one time. Like ham salad, chicken salad. Was alright.

I had a student once who grew up in Kentucky. Her family hunted and ate squirrel. She said it tasted fine.

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1 minute ago, LA2 said:

I had a student once who grew up in Kentucky. Her family hunted and ate squirrel. She said it tasted fine.

Guy I was stationed with in Norfolk was from WV, he said he'd crack the skulls and deep fry the brains.

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    • Good points Drungo! I like the idea of working backwards from the desired outcomes of a system. Goal 1: Service time should no longer be a deciding factor in free agency or player promotion. I think automatic free agency after the age 27 season would be good (or after age 23 if they've never made it to the majors), with a better compensation system worked out between the team that signs and the team that loses the guy in free agency. Maybe a % of the contract value? Goal 2: Significantly reduce the bloated, inefficient system. Limit minor league affiliates to 2 full season teams, 1 short season team, and whatever overseas academies they want. Pay the minor leaguers better. Cut the draft in half (20 rounds).
    • As long as it isn't DJ on horseback! Otherwise I'd worry that the ball would hit the horse square in the forehead, risking career-ending injury to the glove (not whip)-wielding jockey as its knees buckled.
    • When I started this post I didn't know if twenty people would respond or a hundred. More have responded and with some good comments. I didn't say I think Hyde should be fired. I threw out the possibility with Elias terminating a lot of people in the organization. I don't think he will be replaced even though he does questionable things almost every game. The coaches are a different story.  I think several could be replaced and possibly our advance scouts and if Hyde is like most managers he won't replace them. It will have to be Elias who makes the needed changes. Will he ? It looks like Detroit will get the number 1 pick.  I think they are 3 1/2 behind us with 10 to go. 7 vs the White Sox and 3 vs the Twins. We have 3 with Seattle, 3 with Toronto and 3 with Boston. We could lose them all and so could Detroit.  This is going to be hard to predict.  Number 2 is still okay.
    • ^^^^^^^^^Listen to this man.   He was a very good defensive outfielder in his day.
    • Just watched the replay, and timed it.   If he had IMMEDIATELY thrown the ball back in instead of beating his chest, it might have saved 2-3 seconds.  Tonight's game lasted 10,380 seconds according to the box score.   So at the very worst the "celebration" added 0.02% to the time of the game.  Even if a game had 50 such celebrations, it would add roughly 2 minutes to the gametime. One pitching change probably takes 30-50 times longer than the "celebration". You can dislike it all you want, but trying to say it slows down the game is an absolutely absurd stretch of logic to try to support your point.  
    • My 3: Get rid of Davis. He isn't a ML capable player anymore. The money is a sunk cost. Bite the bullet and cut him loose. Find some pitching. Doesn't have to be expensive or flashy. Just a few guys that can get more outs. Tighten up the D. Again, not expensive or flashy, just a bit above average. Next year is year 2 of the rebuild so I'll be patient. These would be prudent goals for now.
    • Its a meaningless game for the 2019 Orioles, but not for Austin Hays.  He's showing he's a major league ballplayer and he makes major league defensive plays.  The O's and major leagues in general need more excitement.
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