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2019 - 20 Real Football Thread

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Starting this to get the talk going. 

Week 3 of the EPL. Good stuff so far.

Today Drungo's Spurs are down 0-1 at home to Newcastle United (howay the lads!) at the half. 

Remind us all who you support, whatever the league.


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I don't really follow English professional soccer that closely.  I suppose if there's any team that stands out for me, it would be Liverpool, just because a town whose people have to put up with being called Liverpudlians needs all the support it can get.

I often wonder, though, when I watch international soccer, why it continues with the antiquated tradition that only the referee is allowed to know exactly how much playing time remains in the half or the game.  They wait until the 45th minute of the half, and then the TV announcers inform us that the referee has decided to add X minutes, to account for stoppage time.  It's never exactly X minutes.  It's X minutes plus or minus some number of seconds, and nobody really knows when the game is going to end until the referee blows his whistle three times.

I went to a Division III college game this past weekend.  They had a clock on the scoreboard.  Whenever the referee decided that a stoppage of play was warranted, he signaled the scoreboard operator and the scoreboard operator stopped the clock, then started it up again when play resumed.  That way, all the stoppage time was accounted for at the time the stoppages occurred, and the scoreboard clock accurately reflected how much playing time remained.

Seems like the simplest thing in the world.  I can't understand why international soccer persists in refusing to do it this way.

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'Hooligans' riot over a game that might have 3 shots on goal.  Hard for me to understand.  

However, what other sport is on that one can watch before noon (eastern)?  

I know...Cricket?


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