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vs. ROYALS, 8/30

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I wonder if that camo arm panty hose (panty hoe?) is there to make the elbow armor stay in place? Seen a bunch of MLers with that this year.

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7 minutes ago, ChipTait said:

Another DJ Stewart blunder?

Not really. They made a good play to cut off the throw.

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    • Imagine the possibilities if Macphail was allowed to trade draft picks. I hope that’s in the new CBA. 
    • I saw these lists on MLBTR and thought I hope @Luke-OH has some info on these guys. Thanks.   
    • Hopefully the Astros are forced to fire this guy and he can quietly take a role with us. 
    • I think it’s more of the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality.  Right now we have $2.5 million just chilling. Ready for us to spend it.  This is how you prevent 14 straight years of losing. Our last winning year was 2016. I don’t think we sniff winning till 2023 with the state of our pitching staff. That’s 7 years and half way there.  We spent our full draft pull money this year. Seems odd we keep having this international pool money left over. Odd or... maybe some of that old philosophy is still lingering. 
    • I haven't looked at the position players, but there are a number of pitchers on that list who are interesting.  From a simple performance based analysis, Juan Minaya 29yo with 128 innings of 3.93 ERA ball in the majors. It's nothing exciting, but he's been a solid middle reliever. He's also tinkered with his offspeed/breaking pitches a bit and there may be some potential improvements in pitch mix/selection.  Chasen Shreve 29yo with 203 innings of 3.71 ERA ball in the majors. He was stuck in AAA this year because of the strength of the Cardinals bullpen, where he had a 3.45 ERA, a full 2.4 runs under the league average 5.85 ERA. His FIP numbers aren't good, but he's one of those few guys who consistently beats his FIP numbers.  An interesting spin rate dude, Dan Winkler Of 600 pitchers who threw 50 of more 4S fastballs in 2019, Winkler had the 15th highest RPM/MPH on his fastball. There is evidence that he's not using the pitch as well as he could, locating primarily middle of the zone and down, exactly where a high spin fastball plays poorly. Winkler is also only a year removed from a strong year as an important part of the Braves bullpen. He's only 29 years old.  Finally, a guy who is probably the riskiest of the group, but has serious stuff but has never put it together, Bryan Mitchell He's coming off a lost year, but at his best he averaged almost 95mph as a SP and added a 90mph cutter, and nasty high spin curveball. He should miss bats, but he doesn't. He's also battled some injuries. If he's healthy, he's the type of guy you sell the opportunity of the wide open O's pitching staff and you see if you can't make some tweaks to get him on track. He's 28 years old.         
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