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vs. ROYALS, 8/30

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I wonder if that camo arm panty hose (panty hoe?) is there to make the elbow armor stay in place? Seen a bunch of MLers with that this year.

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7 minutes ago, ChipTait said:

Another DJ Stewart blunder?

Not really. They made a good play to cut off the throw.

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    • No, at the end of the day Villar put up a 4 win season.
    • One of the two. Both would be extremely optimistic. Even though the Reds have a weak game system and Villar seems like a really good fit.  Tendering Villar is an easy choice. It might take some stones, but not really.  We’re just going to have to see what happens with Didi.  At the end of the day Villar is a 4 WAR SS.  For any team out there looking for a SS, would you rather have Villar for 1/10 or Gregorious for at least 3/42?  That’s if the Yankees don’t want to bring Didi back, or then you have to outbid them. That’s also if you can attract a FA to your team. 
    • Yes — pretty sad.   
    • The one that stands out to me is that a guy primarily used in relief accumulated the most WAR among the pitchers.
    • Cumulative totals Record: 755-865 Runs scored: 7,034 Runs allowed: 7,774 Pythagorean record: 729-891 Most games played:  Adam Jones 1,362 Most plate appearances: Adam Jones, 5,808 Most hits: Adam Jones, 1,521 Most home runs: Chris Davis, 253 Highest WAR: Manny Machado, 31.0. Most innings: Chris Tillman, 1080 Most starts: Chris Tillman, 193 Most wins: Chris Tillman, 72 Most appearances: Darren O’Day, 391 Most saves: Zach Britton, 139 Highest pitcher WAR: Zach Britton, 13.7  
    • Juvier had a 6-89 stretch in the equivalent league as Delmarva.  Still I wouldn’t be against it.  Here’s some other SS available Reds: Alfredo Rodriguez, SS (No. 18) - The Reds gave Rodriguez $7 million to sign out of Cuba in 2016 with the hopes he’d be their future big league shortstop. He could defend in the big leagues right now, but he hasn’t hit consistently. There’s little impact with the bat, though he is coming off his best offensive season, hitting .286/.325/.347 in Double-A to earn a late promotion up a level. Angels: Leonardo Rivas, SS/2B (No. 25) - Rivas can run and he can defend, and he even added the outfield to his resume in 2019. Speed and versatility is a combination that can make for an intriguing Rule 5 pick, but he’s struggled to hit consistently (.252/.380/.362), albeit with solid on-base skills From https://www.mlb.com/news/top-prospects-in-the-2019-rule-5-draft?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage
    • List of some of the available Rule 5 players.  The list offers explanations of why guys were unprotected, https://www.mlb.com/news/top-prospects-in-the-2019-rule-5-draft?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage  - Zach Brown was his stuff and command decline all while nearly doubling his BB/9 - Juvier had a 6-89 stretch over 25 games in A ball.  After reading some more I think I’d want Jordan Sheffield then have us take two fliers on position players. I like a couple of the defense first SS that played in AA but have questions about their bat. Just going with the theory that they didn’t get to play with the juiced ball and they can at least handle the position defensively.  My wish list would be, - Dodgers: Jordan Sheffield, RHP (No. 26) - Reds: Alfredo Rodriguez, SS (No. 18) - The Reds gave Rodriguez $7 million to sign out of Cuba in 2016 with the hopes he’d be their future big league shortstop - One of the 3B, COF bats available. Santana from LAD or Moises Gomez from TB. 
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