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Minor League Affiliate Standings 9/1

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As of 9/1/2019:


DSL ORIOLES 1 (34-36): Finished in 4th place, 12.5 GB in the DSL Baseball City Division

DSL ORIOLES 2 (28-34): Finished in 6th place, 14.0 GB in the DSL South Division 

GCL ORIOLES (38-15): Finished in 1st place, 7.0 Games ahead in the GCL South Division.  The season ended early due to Hurricane Dorian; the playoffs were cancelled.

ABERDEEN IRONBIRDS (41-33): 3rd place, 2.0 GB in the New York-Penn League McNamara Division


Sally League Second Half:

  • (41-27): 1st place (tie), 5.5 G ahead in the South Atlantic League Northern Division

Sally League First Half:

  • (48-21): 1st place, 4.0 G ahead in the South Atlantic League Northern Division (first half CHAMPIONS)



Carolina League Second Half:

  • (24-43): 5th place, 16.0 GB in the Carolina League Northern Division

Carolina League First Half:

  • (29-40):  4th place, 15.0 GB in the Carolina League Northern Division



Eastern League Second Half:

  • (46-25): 1st place, 1.0 Games ahead in the Eastern League Western Division (second half CHAMPIONS)

Eastern League First Half:

  • (30-38): 5th place, 11.0 GB in the Eastern League Western Division


NORFOLK TIDES (59-79):  4th place, 20.0 GB in the International League South Division  


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18 hours ago, vatech1994 said:

27 games over 500 in aggregate if my math is correct.  I can’t remember the last time that occurred.

421-393 overall, .517.  Without DSL 359-323, .526.  Likely best overall record in awhile.

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    • Not trying to be smart, but I thought Cal had sold off his share of the Aberbeen, along with another of his minor league holders. Nobody said why, but, shortly later, his divorce became public, and people assume he was putting together her part of the holdings.
    • I'm don't think I'm making any large leaps assuming that Aberdeen is hands-off because of Cal Ripken.
    • Why should Delmarva get sacrificed?  After all, they were the Minor League Team of the Year and has a modern stadium in Salisbury.  Screw convenience... it's nice to have professional baseball come through the Eastern Shore since 1996 and I don't see why that should be tampered with.  An increase in affiliation could lead to the team putting more seats down the left and right side of the diamond to encourage more revenue to accommodate their increased affiliation.
    • At this point, this is throwing good money after bad.  Any appeal is almost certain to be doomed.  What error has the court committed to warrant review?  Angelos just lived through one of his biggest fears.  The Nats winning a World Series.
    • On the heels of a game where Sam Koch didn't punt once. Hoping this formats correctly:   Tm Year G Pnt Pnt/G   Rk Tm Year G Pnt Pnt/G 1 HOU 1990 16 34 2.13   1 BAL 2019 10 21 2.10 2 SDG 1982 9 23 2.56               3 SFO 1993 16 42 2.63               4 NOR 2018 16 43 2.69               5 STL 2001 16 43 2.69               6 LAR 2018 16 43 2.69               7 STL 2000 16 44 2.75               8 KAN 2018 16 45 2.81               9 NWE 2007 16 45 2.81               10 DEN 2008 16 46 2.88               11 NOR 2011 16 47 2.94   2 DAL 2019 10 29 2.90 12 SDG 2011 16 47 2.94   3 LAC 2019 10 29 2.90 13 DET 1971 14 42 3.00   4 ATL 2019 10 30 3.00 14 ATL 2016 16 48 3.00               15 IND 2006 16 48 3.00               16 SFO 1992 16 49 3.06               17 WAS 2016 16 49 3.06               18 DET 1972 14 43 3.07               19 NWE 2008 16 50 3.13   5 KAN 2019 10 31 3.10 20 MIA 1972 14 44 3.14              
    • If anyone predicted this is how Lamar would be at this point, I have my doubts about their veracity.  That being said, I remember the player RG3 was before he broke his knee, and he has never been the player since.  IF Lamar can stay healthy, his future looks very bright. Right before the season started, a caller into 105.7 asked about McSorely and his words were "IF God forbid something happened to Lamar. Rob Long got all indignant and unnecessarily confrontational. "Lemme ask you something why are you asking that question?  Why are YOU askin' that question?"
    • I don't think the premise is very different. JJ was traded for whatever we could get  because we didn't want to pay him his arb number, which would be the same thing happening to Villar. You can make a very reasonable case that Villar is a regression candidate for 2020. Like @weams mentioned.. nobody bit at the trade deadline last year when he was cheaper and having a career year, which I think is telling. Milwaukee practically handed him to us. It seems that we value him on this board much more than other league execs do. But like I've said three times now, I'm not trying to bash Villar or shoo him out of town. I'd be just fine if they decided to keep him and pay his arb salary. I'm just pointing out that it's not some egregious baseball sin to non-tender him. It's a reasonable alternative.
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