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Pat Kelly

Tony’s Take pre-2019. Wow Tony you nailed it!

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    • You probably end up with Marvin Jones or somebody similar. Most WRs want to go somewhere where they feel their stats will increase not here imo
    • @Sports Guy has advocated for running his contract out another year or two until he proves he can be a better passer Im on the extreme unpopular side as it would take a real improvement in the playoffs that include a Super Bowl or Super Bowl appearance. So I’d run the contract out and them tag him twice. In either scenario he’s still getting paid
    • The same that you could put on any oline that had to deal with 5 to 7 players every play! Its the Ravens fault for not leaving the pistol formation that would allow the screen and more passes to be there. There were open receivers that Lamar missed. But, the formation again didn't help. The bolded part! He's the QB and they shoulder the load good or bad. In our case he's in control either passing or QB running 66% of the time. So its going to be more on him than on an offense that throws and runs 50/50. The drops didn't help but that happens some times to all teams
    • Ok ...Thanks   So I am not sure he's referring to injury. Even if he's not seriously injured running Quarterbacks dont tend to age well is the poster's point.   Vick played until he was 35 but wasn't a full time starter after 32. I think is pretty safe to assume you cant count on after 32. But that doesn't even matter right now.  
    • Its a good point the OP makes, there are a lot of question marks and I would suspect these teams aren't done yet either.  There is a reason the MFY just freed up $10 in space with the Ottavino trade.  They also have German and Montgomery who could help.
    • With the broadcast team announced...  Palmer, Brown, McDonald... okay! Arnold, Hollander, Long, Newman...  meh.  We'll give them some time. Garceau... my soul died a little.
    • Assuming most of the good Bowie pitchers have to try to do Norfolk world domination before maybe an Akin/Kremer sized sip, would anyone want Jake Arrieta at ANY price for the Sutcliffe things? Floor starting pitchers with little October upside are the one group (Happ, Quintana, Lester) of players falling far short of Fangraphs guesses among recent signees.   I somewhat suspect no one very good really wants 2021 Arrieta pitching for them, but as ever...we may have a job for some qualified major leaguer. He'd be more entertaining than a Milone clone, but does the regime feel he's anyone for Kremer, Akin, etc. to be around (non-Cobb category) for a year.
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