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vs. DODGERS, 9/10

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Allen Lorenz "A.J." Pollock - LF

David Freese - 1B

Justin Turner - 3B

Cody James "C.J." Bellinger - CF

Christopher Armand Taylor, Jr. - RF

Corey Seager - SS

Enrique Javier "E.J." Hernandez - 2B

William Smith - C

Joc Russell "J.R." Pederson - DH

Walker Anthony Buehler - RHP )) (12-3, 3.28 ERA) ) *  


* )) Leads the National League in Winning Percentage (.800) and Complete Games (2)



Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS

Trey Mancini - 1B

Anthony Santander - LF

Renato Nunez - DH

Rio Ruiz - 3B

Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Mason Williams - CF

Demetrius Jerome Stewart - RF

Chance Sisco - C

Tyson Michael Blach - LHP )) (1-2, 10.95 ERA) ) * 







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4 hours ago, spiritof66 said:


Thanks for the advance news of still another pitching match-up that has to leave the Orioles brimming with confidence. ) :noidea:




You're welcome.

I could wait until one hour prior to game-time to post the threads, but it won't change the situation.



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Dodgers' magic number to clinch the NL West is 1.

If the Dodgers win this game, or if the Diamondbacks lose to the Mets in a game being played at the same time, LA will be holding a celebration tonight. 

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We will never be anywhere close to as good a team as they are.  This is really a useless activity tonight.   4 runs down facing Buehler...

You really realize the chasm between moneyed and talented organizations and the rest of the league much more now than ever.  The losing will eventually lead to only die hards like us to be following teams except the money teams. 

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Well I’m just checking in as the inning ends, and I see that 44 pictures were thrown in the top of the first. That is definitely a days work in 1/2 inning

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