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vs. DODGERS, 9/11

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1 minute ago, Moose Milligan said:

It's not.  Maybe we should pump the breaks on Hays to the HOF talk for now.

I think we should wait another two maybe three games.  To get a good look and make an informed decision.

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

I think we should wait another two maybe three games.  To get a good look and make an informed decision.

That's a very radical idea but I can get behind it.

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16 minutes ago, Can_of_corn said:

I don't know man.  Sure he hit a double by why did he wait until they already had two outs?  He should have led off the inning with the double, or better yet, had Wilkerson walk then hit the double.  That way it would be second and third with no outs.

What makes you think that, if it happened like that, Stevie wouldn't have been thrown out trying to score?

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OK, I’ve been working, and now I get to check in on the game, but before checking in the score, I came here to read the comments so as to brace myself for the bad news.

And as near as I can tell the bad news is that John gave up a homerun but until then he was pitching very well, and Davis is bad and people are complaining that he’s playing instead of Stewart, and I would also rather Stewart play, but from what I’ve seen Stewart isn’t anything to write home about either. And can we share a moment of thanks that at least Smith is not in the field?

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Just now, SteveA said:

Three hits for Hays

I love his athleticism. He is a fun player to watch.  

Just hope he makes enough contact. 

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    • The one difference between Means and Kremer is that Means has a plus-plus pitch that hitters can't hit even when they know it's coming. Kremer's best pitch is his curveball, but I'm not sure it's in the same category as Means' change.  I have some concern that major league hitters will be able to differentiate the breaking ball from the fastball and lay off his curve, particularly when he throws the slow one. His curveball reminded me of Dylan's Bundy's curve in the minors. It worked well there but it never was the same pitch at the major league level. Kremer has some talent, but he really needs that slider and change to come around and be consistent pitches for him if he's to stay a starter. If not, I could see him moving to relief, getting a few ticks on the fastball and be a piece out of the pen.
    • I love that movie! I have the DVD but I also have a copy I got off youtube. full movie, one file.     Came to post this.  
    • Interesting list and write ups.    Overall, he’s pretty high on our pitchers.    Let’s hope he’s right.   Elias hasn’t spent any high picks on pitching as of yet, so most of the guys on the list were inherited from the old regime.   
    • I only watched bits and pieces, but Maryland's offensive sets kill me sometimes.  Guys stand still much or dribble the air out of the ball.  I agree that Stix doesn't seem to want the ball that much.  I've mentioned his lack of a post game dozens of times so I won't go there (I guess I just did).  I don't think he has the best hands either.  I'd like to see him go up strong a dunk it over a dude like once.  As a senior, Cowan still makes some really bad mistakes.  There was sequence where he got double-teamed and picked up his dribble and threw it straight to the opposing defender.  Dribble out of that pressure dude and make a better pass. Wiggins missed some easy ones tonight.  He is a much better spot up shooter.  Occasionally he will flash with a drive.  He had an off night.  Lindo played some bad defense from what I saw. Hopefully they learn from this.  They weren't going to go undefeated.  I believe Penn State is a good team and potential sleeper come March.  
    • Turgeon has never beaten a major conference team in the tourney in his 22 year coaching career. He's a good recruiter but he just never maximizes that talent. Main issues with this team are Stix inside and lack of consistent shooting. Don't see either of these changing much.
    • Sayonara, Adam!   I’m sure you’ll be a great ambassador for US baseball.    I hope you and your family have a blast over there.
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