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The Rubber Match (vs. DODGERS, 9/12)

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Just now, spiritof66 said:

Fox announcers aren't paying that much attention to the game. Just as well, since they have little to add. Don't these guys do any preparation?

I noticed that too. It seems like they are calling the game from a studio at Fox Sports in Los Angeles. 

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30 minutes ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

I noticed that too. It seems like they are calling the game from a studio at Fox Sports in Los Angeles. 

Makes you wonder how a guy like Kenny Albert got a gig like this. Hard to figure. :rolleyes:  

Interesting non-analysis of Ruiz's baserunning. It's just baseball, so apparently it's not worth discussing.

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9 minutes ago, Moose Milligan said:


Well I guess if there was an ugliest player in MLB contest, you could start and stop it just by looking at this Gonsolin guy.  That's a face only a mother could love.

Just my opinion, but he's got a ways to go to catch the former Tiger Don Mossi.

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    • Right, but unilateral rules for the way the game is played on the field, with the exception of the DH.  
    • Why the hell was he not strong the last few years?  
    • Yes - different rules for different parks...
    • If you just scout the traditional stat line, it's pretty easy to see why you might drop Hall from the list. You could look at the 6.02 BB/9 and say that he doesn't have the command and that he's destined to be a reliever, but it was reported that Holt told Hall and Akin to throw a lot more breaking balls in fastball counts. I would bet on an athletic pitcher like Hall tightening his command every day of the week. Besides if you look closer at his stats, there's a much more positive picture to be seen. His K/9 increased from 9.54 to 12.94, HR/9 decreased from 0.57 to 0.33, and average against dropped from .198 to .185. His FIP actually decreased from 3.67 to 3.22, so ultimately his stuff got even better this year and better hitters actually got worse at hitting him. I would really take this list with a grain of salt, BP really does not have the same reputation that it used to have.
    • A little to my surprise, the Rangers, their new stadium, and their stated desire to get more right-handed have missed Ozuna, Castellanos and now Starling Marte. Their player development staff may have a high appraisal of Ronald Guzman, who to some systems sits rather conspicuously as one of the worst regulars anywhere, never mind on aspiring contenders.  There's still Arenado/Bryant (though ATL figures to be fiercer for one, and they may not both be traded). I don't think Mancini alone gets to Jung/Solak on the back half of Top 100 lists, but could Givens with him? Sherten Apostel is perhaps overqualified to be his org's second best 3B prospect, and they've also buried Kolby Allard under some solid veteran SP's.
    • Thanks.  I’ll be here paying attention for you.  Sarasota’s especially nice during Feb/March.  You could have met fellow Baman’s mom and dad Henderson last year they were down for a couple weeks watching Gunnar.  Some guy got a ball signed by his whole family.  
    • He's been letting the ball travel really well.  All the way to the catcher's glove.
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