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#21 Terps at Temple

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Here's the breakdown of Temple:


My thoughts:

Temple will be no pushover and the first big test for Locksley and the team. Temple has some weapons and could go toe to toe in a high scoring affair. 

The Terps should definitely not overlook this Owls team and a loss would really be a downer heading into the big matchup with Penn State that could go a long way in helping Locksley nail down the DMV players on the fence.

These next two games may be  the biggest two games in Terps recent history.

While I'm unsure about the defense, the Terps offense is for real.

I see a Terps 52-45 win.

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Wow, totally different QB and team so far in the 1st QTR. Temple defensive coaching is dominating the offensive coaches, like they know what play is being called. The offense is totally out of whack and Jackson looks absolutely awful.

Amazing the difference in a week. Looks like a totally different football team. 

Early still, but so far they look absolutely awful.

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Well, we had a great two weeks of pretending this was a good team.

Temple is dominating defensively and the Terps and Jackson looks awful. Temple coaches are totally out scheming and out coaching the MD O-coordinator.

They need to go to Piggy and try something different because this is embarrassing.

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I would like to apologize for the my premature excitement over this football team. Obviously Syracuse was a lot more awful then the experts predicted.

Faced with their first competitive defense, the Locksley Terps just were dominated by Temple in the first half putting up one of the worse displays of offense I think I've ever seen from a Terps team. The offensive coordinator was out coached and was unable to get anything going or make any adjustments to what the Temple defense was doing. 

No screen passes, no options, nothing. Why keep throwing Jackson out there when it's clear he can't throw under pressure and he was under a pressure a lot as the Terps Oline was beaten like a rug in 1920.

Why Piggy and the option wasn't deployed I don't know. Let's hope they will go to Piggy and the option in the second half because it's clear they can not move the ball with their current offensive scheme against the Temple defense.

After last week I went all in and bought expensive Penn state tickets for me and my son. That is going to be shallacking if this Terps team shows up.

They have a second half to turn things around, but so far Locksely's Terps have FAILED with an F minus if that's possible in their first real test.

My  biggest concerns moving forward is an offensive coordinator who can no make adjustments when faced with adversity. Huge downer!

This game is everything I feared from a Maryland team,  but I let my excitement get the best of me.

I've been a MD fan since my childhood. I should totally know better.

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7 minutes ago, TonySoprano said:

Fake FG looms large at the moment.

Just an awful call and execution. Locksley was panicking way too early with that call. Either way, the offense is so awful that wouldn't matter anyways. Hoping Piggy starts the 2nd half.

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The defense just got embarrassed with like a 48-play drive that included about ten Tino Ellis defensive holding calls including one on a 3 and 14. That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but good God this team has played bad today.

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Kick the FG in the first half, then you only have to play for another FG at Temple 12 with 2 mins to go.    Instead, incomplete at 12 and turn the ball over on downs. 

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I was definitely not impressed with the red zone play calling for Maryland. You have to use misdirection once in a while with over aggressive defenses.

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I'm more upset with myself for being fooled by Maryland football.

I know I know better. 

I know I should never, ever get excited about Maryland football, but what did I do, I bought in after two big wins over obviously ridiculously bad teams. 

Just so many things wrong with this game, but the O-coordinator Scottie Montgomery just proved he is not ready to be a major college O coordinator. The guy is the definition of insanity. Keep doing with hasn't worked all day and then do it some more. His red zone offense is trash, like major, major trash.  He has the rep as a passing game guru, but when the QB is having a bad day, he obviously has no idea how to run the ball effectively.

Now saying all that, we saw the major chinks on Josh Jackson's armor. The guy can't throw under pressure and he totally choked when he had a wide open receiver in the end zone late in the 4th QTR. He has no ability to make throws in the red zone and was totally overwhelmed all day as his accuracy was terrible most of the day. He clearly was shaken and couldn't handle the pressure of being in a tight game. The difference between average QBs and good QBs is a lot of times their ability to deal with adversity and to be able to handle the immense pressure in close games. Jackson failed miserably today and should make us all concerned whether this is who he is, or if he just had an awful game.

Now, don't get me wrong, the fact he was kept in the game all game long is on this coaching staff. He was bad from the first snap and never got better. The team deserved better and the coaching staff should have seen that and made the switch to Piggy. The coaching staff basically just choked in their first real test as well.

Locksley failed his first big test as an in game coach by not pulling his ineffective QB and just standing there and allowing his offensive coordinator to keep trying the same ineffective up the middle runs on the goal line. He has an option QB in Piggy and you are going to keep trying to stuff it up the middle when your Oline was get dominated all game? Ridiculous.

I spent a bunch of money on Penn State tickets like an idiot. That is my fault. I deserve to lose hundreds of dollars for believing in MD football. I will try and enjoy my time with my son at the game, but the Penn State game will probably be ugly as this program is what it always has been, and that's a program that will always come up small when it matters. 

I'm more disappointed than mad really. I was so excited about having a fun football team to watch and having a legitimate QB to root for, but both were found to not be true.

How is Locksley supposed to lock down the DMV area when he can't even beat Temple? Temple! 

Really poor loss. It could be a blip or it could be warning of things to come. Jackson's performance under pressure and Montgomery's red zone offensive game calling have me concerned that this is not a blip, but shows us really who they are.

Well, we'll always have this past week where we fell for this program and Locksley or at least I did. Oh well...



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