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vs. TIGERS, 9/14

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4 minutes ago, scOtt said:


Sorry. Didn't know.

Just read his Wikipedia entry. Seems like Ilitch was an outstanding person who loved Detroit, his hometown, and tried hard to do good for it.

Also owned the Red Wings. Surprised to find out he was a minor league infielder in the early 1950s, not typical of the owner class.

Interesting factoid hidden in the entry: Paid Rosa Parks' rent from 1994-2005 so that she didn't have to live in a dangerous neighborhood.

Little Caesar's, but was of Macedonian descent on both sides. Alexander the Great!


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And to think that this inning started with two Oriole pinchhitters striking out...

The Hanswerman, The Villain, and Bam Bam (Is that right?) have delivered all season. Admirable on such a weak team.

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8 minutes ago, scOtt said:

Gets it done THIS time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

What is yr avatar holding?

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8 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

I thought the Tigers would pitch around Trey, let Santander be the guy to tie or beat them. :noidea:

Esp. in a game where we walked Cabrera with a runner on third.

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Castro K's the go-ahead run! On to the 9th with a slim one-run lead intact. Let's score some insurance runs!

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3 minutes ago, LA2 said:

What is yr avatar holding?

The Art of War I would imagine. On those old Chinese scrolls on bamboo planks.

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    • The Orioles will have no issues with the 40 man as most of their players don't belong on it in the first place. So if you lose a player big deal by putting him through the 40 man it is no big deal. And you can put guys on the 45 day IL easily enough.  The season is only 60 games. So if anyone gets injured 45 day IL here they come. 
    • I am not going to load 100 pages to see them all. But seems the guy was just using stats to define who is bad.  Defensive stats aren't that accurate.  I would say guys like Mark Reynolds and David Kingman belong on that list.  I hated the way Kingman would play but he seems the norm of a lot of players these days.  Sad the way the sport has become.   
    • For the Orioles and I am sure for other teams. Because its hard to know how many COVID cases there will be along with how many injuries, I think teams will want to hold on to as many players as they can.   Not DFAing very many players at least to begin the season.   Each team being able to hold onto 60 players makes that easier.   This also is reenforce by the fact that players that are taken off the 60 man roster must be DFA'd.  Its easier to add then subtract players from that stand point. The O's will probably add LeBlanc and Milone to the 40 man roster before the season begins.   The open 40 man spot and Mancini going on the 45 day IL will be spots used that make that possible. Passed that the only player I see now that may be DFA'd is Urias.  He has not been added to the 60 man roster yet and there are several utility infielders ahead of him.  So adding one more player to the 40 man roster will be fairly easy if that happens. Passed that the O's have to lose a player from the 40 to add a player to the 40. That makes it harder for the O's to add Eshelman, Hanhold, Shepherd, Kline, Valdez, Blach, Zastryzny, Holaday, Herrera, Valaika, or Wilkerson because they are not on the 40 man roster.  This will be true  of  several of the 15 players that are add to the 60 man roster. Catchers, I think are particularly precious commodities.   They will be close to the batters, the umpires and will touch the balls thrown by the pitchers.  Their risk of contracting COVID may be higher than other players.   Therefore DFAing Wynns to make room on the roster seems unlikely. Currently the only outfielders on the 40 that are active and on the 60 man roster are Hays and Stewart.   Velazquez is  likely to see time in the outfield to begin the season if Santander and Smith are not cleared to play.   Mullins, who is probably one of the 15 players added  and may also see time  initially because he is on the 40 man roster.    Wilkerson is not. The O's focus on the future probably keeps Mountcastle off the 30 man roster for a week or two.  But I would think because he is on the 40 man roster he is likely to see a lot of time in the outfield after that if Santander and Smith are not available. As the season moves on I would expect to see the 45 day IL to be used quite a bit because players moved to that list do not count against the 40 man roster. That will open spots to look at other players.   Those a some of my thoughts about player movement.   What do you think?   
    • From the pages of the Baltimore American on July 8th, 1894: INKS STOPPED THE REDS __________________________ HIS SLOW DROPS MYSTIFIED COMISKEY'S BRAVES __________________________ Meanwhile the Orioles Hammered Pitcher Parrett, Winning Out Quite Easily - Another Sensational Catch by Keeler, Boston Again Defeats Cleveland - Pittsburg Shut Out by Phillies __________________________ [Special to the American] Cincinnati, O., July 7. - Baltimore broke the Reds' winning streak today, stopping them at eleven straight victories.  The Orioles flitted from base to base with great rapidity during the greater part of the game, to the merry accompaniment of rattling hits.  Most of the Cincinnati's roosted disconsolately on first, while they watched the Monumental City gentlemen wading knee deep in the gore of slaughtered hits. Smith was spiked last Thursday, and today his foot was swollen so badly that he could not leave his bed.  Farmer Vaughn was put in at short, and played his position in true agricultural style.  He was not alone, however.  Latham wallowed in errors, while McPhee and Murphy each contributed his mite towards welling the total of Baltimore's runs.  Three thousand eight hundred and thirty-two roosters looked gloomily on, and had never a chance to give vent to their bottled-up enthusiasm.  Keeler killed an incipient rally in the fifth inning by an even more wonderful catch than that of Thursday.  That catch cut short a certain home run, and disheartened the Reds.  Inks had no speed at all, and the Reds, who have been pounding swift pitchers for the past fortnight, could not gauge the Baltimorean's leisurely incurves. ... (Later on in the fifth) Parrott waited for a good ball, and when it came he smote it on the nose.  The crowd rose and cheered as the ball whistled through the air on a bee-line for the right-field seats.  Just as it was about to go over the fence Keeler flung himself into the air and stuck up one paw, which, to the eye of the startled spectators, looked about as large as a ham.  When he came down he had the ball. ...   Lineups: Baltimore McGraw, 3b Keeler, rf Brodie, cf Brouthers, 1b Kelley, lf Reitz, 2b Jennings, ss Clarke, c Inks, p Cincinnati Latham, 3b Hoy, cf Holliday, lf McPhee, 2b Vaughn, ss Canavan, rf Parrott, p Comiskey, 1b Murphy, c ______________ Baltimore... 2  2  1  3  1  0  0  1  1 - 11 Cincinnati...0  1  0  0  1  0  0  0  0 -  2
    • I know some will say the Orioles went cheap, but I think they had their eyes on a couple of guys that would have taken more to sign and then they got taken before their pick.  I haven't seen what the guys before Kjerstad signed for so it's hard for me to say what they could have had. Honestly, I like the idea of a left-handed power hitting right fielder and there was no better left-handed power (according to most draft experts) than Kjerstad.  I wanted Asa Lacy, but I did not do enough pre draft home work to really have a strong opinion one way or the other.
    • The Orioles had him at 175, but still, he's thin and could put on some good weight and perhaps throw harder.
    • What a horrific article.  If you want to call it that.  If you clicked all the way to the end you deserve some kind of perverse medal for enduring pain for no apparent reason. And it's interesting to note that there were no terrible defenders prior to about 1995.  Or at least not among the catchers and a few first basemen, which is as far as I got. (In reality almost all of the worst MLB defenders of all time would have played over 100 years ago.) Also, with any list of worst Major Leaguers there should be a huge caveat: these are the worst defensive players who were allowed to play this position in the major leagues after having been selected as one of the very best overall players in youth baseball, high school, college and the minors.  Except for maybe the guys at first and left field, they were all chosen by their teams to play this position despite the option of moving them down to an easier position or DHing them, meaning that their team's assessment of their abilities was that playing them there was better for the team than doing something else.  The teams that played Ed Taubensee or Ryan Doumit at catcher were doing so because they believed that was the most productive alignment of their teams. For example, Jason Giambi would have been dozens of runs worse than the worst actual shortstop per season, if he'd been allowed to play shortstop.  Jim Palmer would likely have been the worst fielding second baseman in baseball, far below anyone on this list.  Mark Trumbo is probably a -60 CFer.
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