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TT on Ravens 23-17 win over Cardinals

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On 9/17/2019 at 12:24 AM, Camden_yardbird said:

Ravens draft Lamar:  your response is "waste of a pick."

Lamar takes over wins a few games:  you response "these were weak defenses."

Lamar finally loses to KC:  your response "see I am right."

Lamar gets the ravens to the playoffs:  your response "flavco would have done it too (0-2 flacco)

Lamar gets beat in the playoffs:  your response "see I am right."

Lamar goes 2-0.  Every analyst is saying he looks better, commands better, throws better, has MVP level stuff:  your response yet again is "eh, wait till the good teams, and he will definitely get injured."

1.  Of course he will lose to some good teams, all players do.  Tough games are tough.

2.  Of course he will look bad against some teams, the ravens have made TB look like a bad QB in the playoffs.  Some teams get your number.  Some games are bad games.  But you are at this point ignoring that he has won against what 8-9 teams.

3.  You can keep saying he will get injured.  It's the NFL, everyone gets injured.  At QB alone we have seen Foles, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Semien go down to injury in 2 games and the first three are the exact same stand in the pocket QB you have professed you prefer.

I was as negative as anyone on Lamar but he has really reworked his throwing motion.  He looks  like an NFL QB now.  I watched Flacco’s game against the Raiders and he looked horrible.  I have to give tons of credit to Lamar he spent his off season busting his butt to remove major flaws from his game.  

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    • I was hoping to see news on a surprise retirement announcement after seeing this thread bumped up. 
    • Hutzler's was in Westview Mall, not Security Mall.
    • He lied before and was called out by Palmer.  
    • Isn't CD getting paid enough to lie through his teeth when he's asked questions on Hot Stove radio programs?  Would it hurt to make up a bunch of complete crap about his "punishing" work ethic just for public consumption?  Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.
    • I used to work at a grocery store in college and my boss used to me make me buy his lottery tickets at the liquor store next door and I frequently saw Artie Donovan in there shopping.  Only knew who he was because of Letterman.  Didn’t ask him for his autograph though.  Mark Williamson used to come in the Grocery store a bunch. As did coach Kenny Cooper.    Saw Brooks coming out of Security Mall one day In the 80s and he looked like he didn’t want to be bothered so I didn’t say anything to him. He left through Hutzlers so he probably figured no one was going to be in there.
    • Chris Davis did a phone-in interview today on the Hot Stove radio show on 105.7 The Fan here in Baltimore. Jim Hunter and Steve Melewski straight out asked Davis about hitting, and what he was doing to improve his hitting in this offseason. Nothing Davis said supplied hope. He flat out said he wasn't going to drastically alter his swing because he is now in his 30s, and because he has had sustained success in the past with his swing. He said he talked a lot with the O's staff (didn't he say that last year?) and the O's mentioned that he was successful when he was stronger, and since he has purposefully done less work with the weights the last few years, he was going to try to get stronger this offseason. He also said he would try to be more aggressive in order to not take so many called third strikes, and to let the ball travel, so as to not try to hit it out in front of the plate so much. He also said some stuff about his mind being in a better place, etcetera. Which would be nice if he was hitting baseballs with his mind instead of a bat. So, he basically said he was doing nothing special this offseason to improve his hitting, he is just going to take a better approach into the upcoming year.
    • Bwa-ha-ha!!! Beautiful! Great memory. Great reference!
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