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TT on Ravens 23-17 win over Cardinals

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On 9/17/2019 at 12:24 AM, Camden_yardbird said:

Ravens draft Lamar:  your response is "waste of a pick."

Lamar takes over wins a few games:  you response "these were weak defenses."

Lamar finally loses to KC:  your response "see I am right."

Lamar gets the ravens to the playoffs:  your response "flavco would have done it too (0-2 flacco)

Lamar gets beat in the playoffs:  your response "see I am right."

Lamar goes 2-0.  Every analyst is saying he looks better, commands better, throws better, has MVP level stuff:  your response yet again is "eh, wait till the good teams, and he will definitely get injured."

1.  Of course he will lose to some good teams, all players do.  Tough games are tough.

2.  Of course he will look bad against some teams, the ravens have made TB look like a bad QB in the playoffs.  Some teams get your number.  Some games are bad games.  But you are at this point ignoring that he has won against what 8-9 teams.

3.  You can keep saying he will get injured.  It's the NFL, everyone gets injured.  At QB alone we have seen Foles, Brees, Roethlisberger, and Semien go down to injury in 2 games and the first three are the exact same stand in the pocket QB you have professed you prefer.

I was as negative as anyone on Lamar but he has really reworked his throwing motion.  He looks  like an NFL QB now.  I watched Flacco’s game against the Raiders and he looked horrible.  I have to give tons of credit to Lamar he spent his off season busting his butt to remove major flaws from his game.  

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    • I want to believe this is true, but I can't get over the fact that Jaime Moyers come along very infrequently, and most often as guys who used to throw harder but have transitioned to pitchability types at the end of their careers. He's not very high on my personal list even though he's clearly an exceptional MiL pitcher. Hopefully I'm wrong.
    • I was worried about the injuries.  Wasn't a risk I was willing to take that high.
    • I was thinking about this the other day. There were quite a few people here that felt like he was the better pick at the time. I really didn't post much then, or now either, but I really liked him as a player.    Bundy was a good selection at the time. He's had a decent career in the grand scheme of things, just not on the level of Rendon.
    • He sounds very much like Ryan Mountcastle, at a high level at least. Profiles as a bat first guy who won't stick at short. With that said, hopefully he doesn't have an obviously deficient arm like Mountcastle. If he turns into a 3B eventually, which is what it sounds like to me, that bat could be a real plus. A ton of development between now and then though. I'd expect them to take it slow with him.
    • Kinga Glyk is the name of the bassist.
    • Am curious your opinion... Mine was generally that hard contact is the hardest skill to teach, and that transferring from contact to power was easier than the opposite. When you have a straight power approach and you're on, it's glorious. However, when you're not in a groove, it gets really ugly. I don't recommend that approach for pretty much anyone. Even supremely talented hitters like Giancarlo Stanton can lose value quickly when they lose the line drive approach to their game. Alternatively, when you're making hard line drive contact regularly, it's easier to let yourself go and crush some balls, IMO. It's when you do too much of that approach that your swing starts to develop real holes. Well, this is all my personal experience, at least.
    • Other teams owners have said that teams aren't moving only to then have the team move. I don't think the Orioles are moving, but like CoC it isn't because of anything John Angelos says.  And that's not a knock on John Angelos.
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