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vs. TIGERS, 9/16

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On 9/15/2019 at 6:04 PM, OFFNY said:





Tyler John "T.J." Alexander - LHP )) (0-3, 5.40 ERA)





That was Alexander's 1st career W in the Major Leagues.

He needs 299 more to catch Early Wynn.



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    • Not to mention the nearly infinite period of time he'll be eligible for some form of Vet's Committee to select him.  Deacon White died in 1939 and was inducted into the Hall in 2013.  That would be like inducting Altuve in the year 2156.
    • As has Velazquez.   And Velazquez is on the 40, Stevie isn't.
    • I still think we'll be improved.   Offense:  improved [relative to the league average that is, if they un-juice the balls a bit we could score the same # of runs but be improved] Defense:  Improved (SS, CF -- two of the most important positions) Bullpen:  Improved (pretty much have to be, we were nearly historically bad last year, even with regression to the mean we improve, and we will have Harvey for a full season) Starting:   Probably worse Division competition:  Yankees as good or better than 2019;  Tampa about the same;  Red Sox quite a bit worse; Jays better -- it's pretty much a push Interleague competition:  We still play the Nats as always; but otherwise we play the NL Central instead of the NL West last year.   NLC lacks a dominant team and has a potentially very bad Pirate team;  NL West last year had a great Dodger team and a couple other competitive teams, but a bad Giant team.   I think we get a tiny bit easier schedule here but not very significant. So I see only one factor -- albeit a really big one in starting pitching -- where we will be worse this year. So I'm going to say we have a better record than last year's 54-108.   The question to me is how much better?   I'd love to see us avoid 100 losses.
    • Rose didn't cheat, he bet on baseball games that he was involved in.  Cheating is being dishonest to gain an advantage.  Rose was breaking the rules for his own personal gain.  Making decisions based on bets usually is detrimental to the team, either in the short or long term.
    • Wouldn’t that give Wilkerson a leg up? He had considerable playing time everywhere.
    • You have Milone Hess and Scott. I have Stewart, Shepherd and Fry( I also have Smith not making the team. Despite losing10 pounds, I don’t see how that’s going to make him a better player.) I appreciate that you’re actually there watching the guys, so can you go into some detail about your choices?  Specifically, regarding Scott? His problem is that he walks too many guys, and his comments seem to indicate that he doesn’t see it as a mechanical problem, but as a mental one. Attitude does count for a whole lot, but sometimes the attitude can influence us to deny any other problems.
    • There are about 150 or so Hall of Fame position players.  Through Altuve's age (29) the median WAR value of those players is about 37.  Altuve's career to date has been worth 38 wins.  There have been 74 players with 35-41 wins through age 29.  About 12 are still active, with a handful of others retired but not yet HOF eligible.  Of the remaining 60 or so about 28 are in the Hall.  So I'd say just on merit he has a better than even chance of eventually going in.
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