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Beat 'Dem Jays (vs. BLUE JAYS, 9/18)

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1 minute ago, LA2 said:

Was not sending Alberto on the VIllar flyout a dicey call?

That fly ball was barely hit into left field. Blue Jays would have had to made an error or a bad throw for Alberto to score. 

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4 minutes ago, LA2 said:

Was not sending Alberto on the VIllar flyout a dicey call?

No it was very shallow, he would have been out by 20 feet.

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54 minutes ago, TINSTAAPP said:

Man, this entire bullpen consists of nothing but gutless losers.

It seems the result's nearly always the same
When this warning is heard: It's a bullpen game.


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    • Here is an interesting 'draft comps' piece at MLB.com by Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo. https://www.mlb.com/news/tool-twins-comparing-2020-draft-prospects?t=mlb-pipeline-coverage  
    • I am guessing none of them were racist.   
    • Boras can't do a lot here.  It would very likely cost any of these top picks a lot of money to not sign and go back to school for a senior year. I'd be fine with picking 1-3 in next year's stacked draft.
    • This is mostly where I am. I think we will see Martin taken. He is the best player available. His bat will play anywhere. If he was a legit proven SS, he would likely not be available at #2. I would play it safe and take Martin The Boras factor certainly is in play. Perhaps they are trying to save as much of the slot as they can for picks 30/39, which, in my opinion, are huge in this draft. Even if this speculation saves 300-500k from the #2 pick, it is worth it. There may certainly be some serious HS talent there, and it will not come cheap. Then they could maybe go underslot at rounds 3/4/5.  Zac Veen, however, may end up being much more athletic than most think. He is still growing and developing. When he gets more coordinated and comfortable in his own body, and gets stronger, I can see the Bellinger comps. He is fluid and loose, just needs to add more strength and explosiveness with training and nutrition. If Elias goes this route, it is risky, sure. But I won’t be upset with it if he saves some money and takes top sliding talents with 30/39. 
    • Just found out about this conflict, but I can say that only a person of minimal intelligence equates what Delmon Young did and what Akin did. Look up what Delmon young did, and not just once, and if you think they are in anyways similar, well then... This is an incredible mountain being made over an incredible mole hill.
    • Don't overthink it.   Martin.  Torkelson if Martin somehow goes first.    I think they are just negotiating whether directly or indirectly by suggesting the underslot scenario.  If Martin drops down a spot or two he loses money.   So having him think that they are trying to save some money on the #2 slot.   Just my guess and hope.   Lacy sounds good but there is so much risk on pitcher's health and the control is not A+.   I wouldn't hate Lacy at #2 but I'm not for it.   The HS OF is a corner guy so it's all about the bat.  Martin is more proven and can likely play 3B, 2B or CF.    Martin seems like a no brainer to me if he's there.   He would be a complete no brainer if he was a SS.  Semi no brainer at 2B.   Even at 3B or CF, his overall games seems to be the best of anyone, HS or college.   
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