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Are you sure this isn't the "Hey Drek stop starting all those other weird threads" thread? ;)

Hey Drek. Stop starting all those other weird threads.

There. Someone had to do it.

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Did you know that Farley's and Sathers merged, and this new candy juggernaut bought Brach's? The things one finds out when making an Easter basket.

As long as they still make those malted milk eggs that you can paint your lips with, it's all good.

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I once told a high school classmate that asian women have sideways vaginas and he believed me.

You mean they don't.....:scratchchinhmm:

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    • You can believe what you want. I do think that it is more than an arms length relationship. I've been around some of the reporters indeed some who have moved on and I never heard too much about Roch sugar coating things. I have seen that with some folks associated with MASN though. Real journalism requires at least an attempt at integrity.  Obviously as someone who has been covering one team so so very long there is a lean towards the polyannic.  If you are looking for the big expose to expose the horrors of all things Angelosian, he's not your guy. Pick Ken or Nester for that crap. Billionaires are not great people. We get it.  Back to the player subject here.   
    • I've never agreed being slow about promoting/keeping guys down that are already on the 40 man. You are burning option years w/o knowing how much work they need to do to adjust to the majors. You end up putting yourself in a out of options crapshoot a few years down the line with talented, but unfinished players. We know why they do it, but in a pure trying to build the best team I don't find it optimal in any way. It's a business thing, not building a better team thing.  backlogging non 40 man players into the rule 5 pool will happen regardless in a re-build. Though slow playing doesn't really help either. (It can disguise players and keep them from being picked if they are still in A ball)
    • Absolutely.  Even if they just guarantee you a one-year deal at $1M you might as well take it.  You just have to be willing to adapt to the Japanese culture, baseball and otherwise.  Not everyone does. Matt Stairs was in professional baseball for 20+ years, his time in Japan was 60 games of a .712 OPS when he was 27.  
    • And you know this how? I’m just trying to get clarification. I cannot recall a time when he was overly critical about the organization or a move that they made.   It’s just common sense that you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. That conflict moved needle from writing what he wants IMO  
    • I heard the clips on the radio this morning. I’m fine with the process and it seems like the deal progressed fairly quick. I would have been interested in the question of why quantity over quality. Obviously they didn’t play the whole show so maybe it was asked.    I don’t mind the deal as much as some here. But I would have preferred a player less with a more prestigious main player. But it’s mainly stating a preference for conversation as I really think it was a decent trade.
    • I think this would be a good signing. I think it's important to see what we've got (pitching wise) and the best way to do that is to back them up with above-average defenders behind him.  If we're not concerned about winning, let's try it.
    • Have no idea about the other player. Just know about Iglesias . Roch writes what he wants. He's as independent as Connolly or Trezza.  You write bad stuff too much, you lose access. The way of the world. 
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