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It should be required by law: All reality tv shows should have a web app/phone app that shows all people currently in the scene. Viewers can click on whomever is annoying them the most. Should some annoyance tipping point be breached, the show stops, and out of a cloud of smoke appears Mike Tyson who proceeds to punch the offending person in the face. Call it The Tyson Reality Check, it keeps TV real and real people off TV.

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I farted while walking up the steps today and my wife yelled "What?" from the other room.

Aw you're just talking out your ass.

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Is a gentleman with a brostache invited to this party??????

My roommate downloaded all those apps onto his phone and now plays them in time with the commercial whenever it comes on. Sometimes in the middle of the night I'll just hear a "Yeah dog!" from the other room. It's one part annoying, one part hilarious, sometimes I can't decide.

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