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1 minute ago, Redskins Rick said:

Another day deeper in debt.

Isnt that the American way? :)

Spend it like ya got it! 😛

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5 hours ago, backwardsk said:

This guy used to post here, right?  That’s awesome.

What poster was it?

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8 hours ago, backwardsk said:

This guy used to post here, right?  That’s awesome.

I think he still does. 

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On 10/2/2019 at 10:04 PM, scOtt said:

The Palazzo Vecchio. The town hall of Florence, Italy. Look familiar? 9_9



It needs a generic corporate hotel to augment the view.

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Why is it called the millennial generation when  the cohort ends with 2000 birth years? That doesn't make sense to me. When we played Toronto recently I said that Elvis Luciano was a millennial!!....which seems  more fitting even if it is wrong. In contrast baby boomers are defined as folks born between 1946 and 1964. That is, the birth date aligns with the cultural milestone....horny post war people. But the birth date of millennials doesn’t correspond with the new millennium but rather with the height of Spandau Ballet???! They should be called the "this much is true" generation. Or perhaps the "always in time but never in line for dreams" generation.

In case you need your Spandau fix:


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On 10/10/2019 at 5:48 AM, weams said:


That study looked forward and estimated the impact of climate change on bird populations. Even more disturbing is what has already happened. This study used a combination of data sources to estimate the change in population size of birds in North America since 1970.


The headline conclusion was that overall bird abundance has declined 29% since 1970. That was the year I was born.  That's 3 billion less birds hopping and flying around us than when my mom and dad brought me home from the hospital. An even more sobering stat than the number of home runs the 2019 baseball Orioles allowed.

A range of other studies have documented similarly staggering declines for other organisms over that same time period. This article mentions some of them:

In some strictly academic senses it is kind of interesting to be watching a mass extinction first hand. Otherwise, it kinda sucks.



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    • So I'm glad you said this because there is some misunderstanding out there about why players are left unprotected. The misconception is that if a player is left unprotected, that means they are viewed as less valuable than the last guy on the 40 man.  This is a common misconception, but this is completely untrue. It's not Unprotected Player vs Last Man on the 40 It's actually Chance of unprotected player getting selected and carried vs Chance that player would have to be DFA at some point if added + the Last Man on the 40
    • He's on waivers, so he can be had just by adding him to the 40, rather than the 26 like the Rule 5.
    • Here's some of my thoughts on the controllable DFA guys (so no Leone, Chen, Duffy, etc).  Explaination of Escobar as the top guy. He has a above average to plus curveball and changeup. He sits in the mid-90s and can run it up into the high 90s. His issue is fastball command, I think it's fixable, he's young and he turns over his fastball the way you would a changeup, imparting a similar spin axis as the change. By staying behind the fastball more, tweaking the release, he'd has less horizontal movement, making it easier to command and also giving it more hop so it'll be a swing and miss pitch up in the zone. Talented arm, the issues are fixable and the Pirates haven't done a great job at developing pitchers.   
    • I'm wondering, how is Jharel Cotton Rule 5 eligible? Is there a certain amount of time in the Majors a play has to be before they are no longer eligible, or is it that he was outrighted to the Minors?
    • Yeah, there are a few guys on the DFA list who are hurt by the juiced ball. Cortes Jr and also more established guys like Chen and Leone. Flyball guys who are seeing typical cans of corn going over the fence. 
    • Or insult the person, he likes to belittle those who disagree with him rather than contest the point. It's one thing if it's a troll, but he does that when presented with an evidence-based good faith argument as well. 
    • Of course you can go wrong.  Any time a GM adds a player without a series of solid, well thought-out and justifiable reasons you've got a problem.  100 losses or not, throwing something against the wall to see if it sticks is not a strategy.  It's certainly not something I would hope to see from Elias and his increasingly impressive staff.
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