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The Rubber Match (vs. MARINERS, 9/22)

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Marco Gonzalez has been a workhorse for a bad Mariners team in 2019. 

The 2013 1st-Round draft pick is winding down his 2nd consecutive solid season for the men from western Washington.




Shedric Long - 2B

John Paul "J.P." Crawford - SS

Kyle Lewis - RF

Kyle Seager - 3B

Thomas James "T.J." Murphy, Jr. - DH

Austin Kyle Nola - C

Timothy Lopes - LF

Dylan Moore - 1B

Braden Bishop - CF

Marco Elias Gonzalez - LHP )) (16-11, 4.14 ERA) *


* )) Leads the American League in Games Started (32)



Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Austin Charles Brian "C.B." Hays - CF

Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS

Renato Nunez - 3B

Mark Trumbo - DH

John Dwight "J.D." Smith, Jr. - LF

Chris Davis - 1B

Robert Austin Wynns - C

Demetrius Jerome Stewart - RF

John Alan Means - LHP )) (10-11, 3.65 ERA)





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Trumbo in the lineup, gives the fans a chance to say goodbye.

Davis in the lineup, maybe the same?

Last night in the 13th inning a bunch of guys out on the flag court were trying to get a "Put in Crusher" chant going.  

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Means squeezed on both of first two pitches as umpire requires it apparently to be in the middle of the plate today.  Means will not last long with this umpire behind the plate. 

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2 instances of terrible outfield positioning.  Lefthanders who have been hitting .161 for the season against Means have all pounded him this inning. 

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