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The Rubber Match (vs. MARINERS, 9/22)

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Marco Gonzalez has been a workhorse for a bad Mariners team in 2019. 

The 2013 1st-Round draft pick is winding down his 2nd consecutive solid season for the men from western Washington.




Shedric Long - 2B

John Paul "J.P." Crawford - SS

Kyle Lewis - RF

Kyle Seager - 3B

Thomas James "T.J." Murphy, Jr. - DH

Austin Kyle Nola - C

Timothy Lopes - LF

Dylan Moore - 1B

Braden Bishop - CF

Marco Elias Gonzalez - LHP )) (16-11, 4.14 ERA) *


* )) Leads the American League in Games Started (32)



Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 2B

Austin Charles Brian "C.B." Hays - CF

Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - SS

Renato Nunez - 3B

Mark Trumbo - DH

John Dwight "J.D." Smith, Jr. - LF

Chris Davis - 1B

Robert Austin Wynns - C

Demetrius Jerome Stewart - RF

John Alan Means - LHP )) (10-11, 3.65 ERA)





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Trumbo in the lineup, gives the fans a chance to say goodbye.

Davis in the lineup, maybe the same?

Last night in the 13th inning a bunch of guys out on the flag court were trying to get a "Put in Crusher" chant going.  

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Means squeezed on both of first two pitches as umpire requires it apparently to be in the middle of the plate today.  Means will not last long with this umpire behind the plate. 

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2 instances of terrible outfield positioning.  Lefthanders who have been hitting .161 for the season against Means have all pounded him this inning. 

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Hays is a keeper!

Not so sure about Stewart, but he’s probably better than Smith, who is not long for this world.

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    • Houston has also been able to acquire arms late in the draft or cheaply in the international market and develop them into trade assets. I'm prepping for Rule 5 draft stuff and it's unbelievable how many good arms they have in the minors that came out of nowhere (10+ round pick or older international signees). They all throw hard and miss bats. 
    • Hopefully the Nats finish this thing off today.  They have gone I think 81-40 since starting 19-31.  That is remarkable.  The Cardinals do what they always do in October....overachieve.  Thankfully, they are about to get stuffed by the much better team.  This will be a really good WS matchup regardless of who comes out of the AL. 
    • Eh, I don't really buy that in this case.  Liberatore is a lefty, has better mechanics, and more projection remaining, so I think there is a fair case for Liberatore then and now. It's really close though, Rodriguez is the better pitch at the moment, but no one really cares who is the better pitcher at 19 in low A ball. 
    • The old Liberatore vs Rodriguez debate. I think most “experts” will always try and rank Liberatore slightly higher than Rodriguez because they all criticized the O’s for “reaching” for Rodriguez. 
    • Someone pointed out before that Vaughn got pitched around his last year in NCAA. Let’s see what happens to Torkelson when/if he gets that treatment.  I don’t see how we could draft Torkelson.  Even if we trade Mancini, Mountcastle is still likely a 1B.  When team building I don’t think you pencil in your future 1B and DH spots first.   I’d like to see us draft a bat, but if the best SP is available then I’m open to that. I think that bats are safer picks and would help the system more.  Hopefully Detroit makes a mistake at 1:1 and we get the player Elias thinks is #1 overall. Lots of baseball to play till the draft. 
    • HOU got burned with taking Pitchers Appel and Aiken high. HOU has been grow the bats and buy the arms since then. Using their prospect bats to acquire proven SP.  I do think bats are safer picks over pitchers. Last draft we took lots of bats compared to pitchers. It could’ve been lots of factors at play, but I think it was a strategic decision.  Not having the number one pick in next years’ draft means we’ll likely be deciding on the 2nd best SP, Torkelson, or other NCAA and HS bats.    
    • I hope Buck gets the Phillies job. 
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