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The Rubber Match (vs. MARINERS, 9/22)

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In his last 7 outings combined, Means has a 3.02 ERA and an 0.985 WHIP with 6 Walks and 32 Strikeouts over 44.67 Innings Pitched.



21 OUTS: 7 Groundouts (Including 2 Double Plays), 4 Strikeouts, 3 Foulouts, 3 Flyouts, 2 Lineouts




H:llll 7 )l (1 Triple, 3 Double,Singles)   

R:lllll 1



Pitches: )l 104(63 )Strikes, )41 )Balls) 

2019 ERA: ))3.54  ))  150.00 IP  (59 ER) 

2019 WHIP: ))1.127  ))  150.00 IP  (169 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).233 ) (133 for 572) 




25 l(14 l.Strikes, .11 llllBalls)

17 ll(13 llStrikes, lll41 lllBalls)

11 lll(81 llStrikes, llll31 lllBalls)

81 lll(31 llStrikes, lll51 lllBalls)

12 lll(91 llStrikes, lll31 lllBalls)

13 lll(61 llStrikes, lll71 lllBalls)

18 llll(10 llStrikes, lll81 lllBalls)



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    • But then the hitters might catch on to defensive positioning that changes according to the pitch and they'd know what's coming so you'd have to make it illegal to look at the fielders from the batter's box.  Perhaps you make batters wear VR goggles that erase the fielders from the hitter's vision. Edit: that just flipped a switch and I've come up with the new innovation.  When the defense is not in an extreme shift, don't move anyone from standard positioning until the pitcher is in the windup.  As the pitcher starts his motion you have the fielders sprint to the optimal spots, and low-probability fielders (like the 3B for a lefty batter) sprints a random direction.  Just to mess with the hitter, throw him off, get him thinking, mess up his field of vision.
    • Obviously JJ had more power and overall offense. The comparison is more where they are in their career and their potential role in the rebuild. Plus intangible personality stuff. I thought it was a good interview.
    • They have other guys who also passed through waivers.  And guys like Martin who most likely will be in AAA.  You can't keep them all.  
    • I think it’s a disservice to Iglesias (84 OPS+ in his career) to put him in the same category as Izturis (64 OPS+ career, 56 OPS+ as an Oriole).     I did like Izzy’s glove though.     I expect Iglesias to be significantly better than Izturis and significantly better than Hardy was in 2015 and 2017.     I don’t expect him to be as good as Hardy was in 2011-14, but he might come close to the 2016 version if we’re lucky.    Defensively he won’t be as good as Hardy in his prime, but he’ll be very good and fun to watch.   
    • https://www.masnsports.com/school-of-roch/2020/02/cobb-eager-to-make-todays-start-against-phillies.html One of the more interesting starts of the early spring, in my opinion.     Yeah, Cobb will have little impact on the long term future of the Orioles, but 2020 will be a lot more tolerable if Cobb is healthy and pitching at the top of his game.     
    • I'm not sure this was Elias saying he likes Velazquez more than Urena as much as it was him saying he likes the gamble of having both of them with the downside of just Velazquez more than having only Urena.
    • In such a fantasy world, similarly unlikely things could happen like Cobb finishing in the top-3 for Cy Young and Austin Hays and Ryan Mountcastle finishing first and second in the AL Rookie of the Year voting. In such a world, a mid-80 win season may be possible. In a world with no other miracle happening in the season and the rest of the players producing within their likely range of outcomes, the Orioles COULD win enough to avoid 100 losses, but pitching is still the biggest issue.   Now...back to reality where a replacement level season from Davis would be a pleasant surprise.
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