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vs. RED SOX, 9/27

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That was one of my very few remaining wishes for the team this season: that Nunez reach the 30-home run mark. Way to go Renato! Also wanted him and Mancini to reach 100 RBIs but that's not going to happen unless Trey has a glorious weekend.

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28 minutes ago, Yossarian said:

The way Boston handled their pitchers through spring training and early in the season has to be one of the biggest blunders in recent memory.  Their fans have to be PO'd.

What did they do? I can never stomach following the Red Sox.

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:


101 OPS+ coming into the game.

Damn super balls.

But still, it counts.

God, you are a wet blanket when you want to be.

Just now, Can_of_corn said:

Was he talking about what he was wearing?


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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

I'm holding a grudge because no one was excited by my book find yesterday.


Which was?

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1 minute ago, LA2 said:

Which was?


1 minute ago, OsFanSinceThe80s said:

What book was it? I must have missed it. 

Posted in the currently reading thread.

Scored a 1979 first edition English translation of Stanislaw Lem's Tales of Pirx the Pilot.  With a pretty solid binding and the dustcover in fairly solid shape.


For a buck.

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    • The main thing I did like about Hunter was how excited he’d get when the O’s came through in a dramatic moment.    Yeah he’d often get too enthusiastic over plays that were unimportant, but when the plays actually were important, his enthusiasm was fun to listen to.   
    • My seats that I have had for the last 20 years were demolished this year by the O’s. What they have done in the lower bowl is eliminated the last three rows in most if not all section that has handicap seats.  This was done to build platforms to mount handicap seats that will be more view friendly.  Every time some would stand their view would be blocked.  A thoughtful thing to do. They could have communicate this to seat owners a little better then they did, but it all washed out eventually. I also believe they may be fazing out Ticket Reps at least for Orange memberships, (13 game plans).   Orange memberships no longer get paper tickets , unless you pay an up fee and everything is being handled through the ballpark app.  All cost saving measures, but when you’re losing I would think you want more interaction with your fan base. I guess we will see as the season gets closer
    • Herrera definitely looks like he’s got a bit of pop in his bat — .193 ISO in 266 PA in the majors, .176 in the minors.   He’s got a fair bit of swing and miss, though, 29.7% in the majors and 20.2% in the minors.    I agree he could be an interesting one to watch.   
    • I’ll check this out later, but if I never hear “two game hitting streak” uttered again it’s a win for me. 
    • Hard to disagree with any of it, although I thought he was alright on the radio. If we're going back, I also couldn't stand Reghi.  
    • @Eric-OH Loving all the info. Thank you! Do you plan on going to the minor league facility next week sometime to see what is going on there? 
    • Wow, you are a longtime member of this site, aren’t you?    I’d completely forgotten about Mr. Hoffman.   Wasn’t he a retired law enforcement officer or something?   I’ve forgotten his first name, so maybe @Tony-OH, @weamsor @PaulFolkcan refresh our memories.     He loved to report on the guys who weren’t really prospects but baseball rats.    Good times!
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