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vs. RED SOX, 9/28

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5 minutes ago, tntoriole said:

That is what Son of Sam Horn posters are saying....lol.    I love beating the Red Sox at the end of the year.  It would only be better if they were in it.  Maybe tomorrow to prevent EdRod from winning twenty.    And I just pray that one of those Dominican prospects that we got for Cashner somehow magically turns into something...that would be delicious. 

"It would really suck if one of the lottery tickets we gave up for Cashner turns into something."    SOSH poster just a minute ago......LOL.  

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Is Armstrong's head on the block? I didn't think so until the last few days but now I'm not so sure.

We have to jettison 5-7 guys and he may be one of them.

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3 minutes ago, spiritof66 said:

The Gameday strike zone showed the pitch that Davis struck out on as being clearly outside. That's how it looked to me, too.

Gameday is right, it was outside.

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In his final 8 outings of the 2019 season, Means had a 3.26 ERA and an 0.966 WHIP with 8 Walks and 37 Strikeouts over 49.67 Innings Pitched.



15 OUTS: ) 5 Strikeouts, 4 Flyouts, 3 Groundouts, 2 Lineouts, 1 Popout




H:lll. 5 )l (1 Home Run, 1 Double,Singles)   

R:lllll 3



Pitches: )l 96(60 )Strikes, )36 )Balls) 

2019 ERA: ))3.60  ))  155.00 IP  (62 ER) 

2019 WHIP: ))1.135  ))  155.00 IP  (176 H/BB)

2019 OPPONENTS BATTING AVG: )).234 ) (138 for 590) 




23 lll(16 llStrikes, llll71 lllBalls)

13 lll(91 llStrikes, ll.41 lllBalls)

26 lll(16 llStrikes, ll10 llllBalls)

17 lll(91 llStrikes, lll81 lllBalls)

17 llll(10 llStrikes, lll71 lllBalls)



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    • Insert black for woman and this could be an almost verbatim “I’m not racist” conversation from the not so distant past. When I was a kid they said this about black quarterbacks, black coaches, etc in football. Some people said more offensive things but nicer folks stated it in these terms. I’m not trying to hammer you and not saying your a bad guy or anything, most if not all of us have some sexist biases. If you say a woman can’t do a job because they are a woman and the job doesn’t require producing sperm, then it is probably a sexist opinion. What you described is sexism. Time to be open minded. 
    • How un-woke of you Moose! For the record I agree with you - it's one of those odd things where I think absolutely, there's no reason a female shouldn't be able to do that job, they can be just as knowledgeable and engaging as men.  And yet my personal preference would be for a male to be in the role.  Perhaps over time that will change.
    • Good morning from Sarasota.  The mood here at the O’s complex is a little different.  Maybe it’s the 65 degree temps that have all of us in jackets and pants for today or maybe it’s the stadium personnel getting ready for their first home game on Sunday. I’ll have more info as the day gets started. 
    • It is dumb, and you're better than that. You're making generalizations about someone you know nothing about (Newman) based solely on her gender, because you heard, what, two other female broadcasters and didn't like them? How is that different from saying, "I had a female boss once and didn't like her, so I don't think women should be bosses."? Or "my baseball team had a black manager once and he wasn't good, so we should stick to white managers"? Melanie Newman isn't the same person as Suzyn Waldman or Jessica Mendoza or anyone else. Maybe you'll like her PBP, maybe you won't, but that should be based on her own merits, not what you've been "conditioned" to. Your ears can get accustomed to a female voice. It's not that hard.
    • Can you leave that fight in the appropriate thread? Some of us in this thread don’t have a dog in that one. 👍
    • Not sure what they are doing yet. Heard some rumors but nothing definite. Kids Free has about 200 tickets you can buy now per game. Some have less like the first Yankee game about 100 or so. Not only Upper Deck is blocked off. One section behind home plate and one bleacher section for each game and a few other sections. Also as mentioned section 68 and 70. 
    • That's a nice loophole for the Red Sox.  I guess if you sign a guy to a minor league or split contract for $70M it doesn't count against the luxury tax as long as the guy is in the minors.  Rare occurrence, especially under today's rules, but good for them finding yet another way to exploit their massive resources.
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