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vs. RED SOX, 9/29

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Former organization Oriole Eduardo Rodriguez will be aiming for his 20th win of the 2019 season.

Current Oriole James Chandler "J.C." Shepherd will be aiming for his 1st career Major League win.




Hanser Joel Alberto Pena - 3B

Austin Charles Brian Hays - CF

Trey Mancini - LF

Renato Nunez - 1B

Jonathan Rafael Villar Roque - 2B

Mark Trumbo - DH

Steve Wilkerson - RF

Robert Austin Wynns - C

Richie Martin - SS

James Chandler "J.C' Shepherd - RHP )) (0-0, 7.71 ERA)



Markus Betts - RF

Rafael Calcano Devers - 3B

Xander Bogaerts - SS

Julio Daniel "J.D." Martinez - DH

Mitchell Moreland - 1B

Christian Vazquez - C

Brock Wyatt "B.W." Holt - 2B

Gorkys Gusstavo "G.G." Hernandez Lugo - LF

Jackie  Bradley, Jr. (AKA, "J.B.J.") - CF

Eduardo Jose Rodriguez Hernandez - LHP )) (19-6, 3.80 ERA)





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1 minute ago, spiritof66 said:

These guys are looking a lot more like areal major league team. Better late than never.


Helps facing a Red Sox team that has given up.

I expect the Sox will come out to play today.

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1 minute ago, Can_of_corn said:

Helps facing a Red Sox team that has given up.

I expect the Sox will come out to play today.

They were saying on the broadcast, Eduardo going for 20 wins today. You KNOW he's giving it his all.



And losing...


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3 hours ago, OFFNY said:



Former organization Oriole Eduardo Rodriguez will be aiming for his 20th win of the 2019 season.





The Oriole offense is doing their best to prevent that from happening on their watch.



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    • From that thread Frobby brought back up with some additions since that was about the highest level: I was always a pretty good player through T-ball, Little league and Pony league (13-15) always making the year end all-star team for Riviera Beach. I do however have a few highlights that I remember. As a 12-year old, I was traded from the Yankees (i hated playing on the Yankees but that was team that "drafted me" outta 8-9 ball) to the Red Sox because I was mostly a catcher and the kid they trade me for was mostly a pitcher. The first time we face the Yankees was on a beautiful spring Saturday morning because my Dad always made my weekend games. The coach told me he wanted me to start against my former team and against the kid I was traded for. My Dad warmed me up and I went out to the mound. My issues with pitching had nothing to do with velocity since I always had a good arm, but had to do with throwing strikes. Well on this day, with the manager who traded me watching, I was going to throw the best game of my young life. From what I remember we got behind 2-0 going into the bottom of the 5th (we played 6 inning games) when we came up to bat. With two outs, I came to bat with two runners on. Using my Dan Ford closed stance, I connected with a fastball that sent the ball to deep left. As I looked out to left, I could see the ball sail over the fence and land a good 20 feet behind near the money bars. It was my only home run of the year and it was sweet. I crushed it. It didn't just land over the fence, it landed by the monkey bars and had to have been the longest ball I ever had hit in my 12 years on earth. As all the parents and my teammates erupted, I went into a home run trot. I enjoyed every step of that trot and when I got to third base, I shook my coaches hand and then picked up the manager who traded me. He sat there at the end of that bench with his scorecard in his hand not wanting to look up. He finally did and I smiled at him and for second there, I thought he even slightly smiled back. I ended up pitching the 6th without giving up a run and we won 3-2.  The next year, I was told I was drafted with the 1st overall pick outta 10-12 league by the Phillies because I was catcher and the Phillies had the best pitcher in the league Karl Breitenbacher. Everyone was scared to catch Karl because he could throw in the mid 80s as a 14-year old, but I wasn't, in fact, I loved the challenge. Though I had my successes including hitting about .600 as a 15-year old, probably my biggest moment had to do with catching Karl. Karl threw so hard that one of our umpires was scared of him and I was told he closed his eyes and then would see where I caught the ball. During one game, with two outs, the bases loaded, and a 3-2 count, Karl threw an 80MPH+ fastball that was so high I had to jump up and catch the ball above my head, but in the same movement I dropped back down and landed in my squat and presented a strike. The umpire opened his eyes, yelle strike 3, as the parents and coaches on the other team erupted in displeasure. I tossed the ball back to the mound and sprinted back to my bench where my coach high-fived me. In high school, I played for the great Harry Lentz and Al Kohlhafer at Northeast High school. I played JV my freshmen year, playing mostly catcher, but also some outfield and occasionally filled in at 3B or 2B if needed. I had always been able to play all the positions, but never had consistent enough hands to play the infield.  This reminds me of a funny story as a sophomore. That year I was competing for the CF job since there was a senior All-county catcher named Mark Rich. One day during practice before the season started, Coach Lents yelled out to CF, "Pente, where doe the best athlete on the team play?" I yelled back, "SS, coach". He responded with, "then what are you doing out there?" My assumption was he wanted to see me get more ground balls there as they were trying to see if I could help the varsity team in some role. So i went over to SS and made a couple of nice plays including some great throws, but then I started to boot balls left and right as my poor infield hands reared their ugly head. That's when Coach Yelled back out, "Pente, get your ass back in the outfield" "Ok, coach" And that was extent of my high school shortstop career. That year with a Freshman catcher (who ended up playing in the Braves farm system for a short period of time) coming up, I moved out to the outfield basically full-time. As a senior, I ended up getting 2nd team All-county (after a slow start) and earning a special pre draft workout with the Kansas City Royals after a game in which i went 3-4 with a double and home run while throwing two runners out at the plate from RF. Long story short on this, I accidentally missed the camp when I got my dates mixed up. After high school I joined the Army, but kept playing. I first played in a summer college league in Virginia (Hit well over .450 and played SS/CF/P) when I was 20 and ended up going to an Orioles tryout camp at Memorial Stadium. During that camp I made the cut from 90 outfielders to six that got to play in the mini game in front of the scouts. On the first pitch I saw in the game hit a ball into the front row of the outfield fence just next to the 309 ft foul pole, but unfortunately it was on the foul side. I ended up striking out when they replaced that pitcher with Mike Mussina's roommate from Stanford. I was asked to come back to a camp a few weeks later and was told if they liked me then they would offer me a contract, but I wasn't able to attend because the same day Saddam Hussein decided to invade Kuwait and I became very busy and couldn't get off. I then put together my own team for a Baltimore-area Men's League (MSBL) in which we won the championship in my one and only year of being a player-manager in that league. I then was stationed in Hawaii where I played in summer and winter leagues with winter leagues being a league where we played against college teams and minor leaguers in their offseason. The Hawaii armed forces decided to put together a baseball tournament and I made the All Army Hawaii team that lost to the all Air Force team in the finals. Funny thing was the All-Air Force team then put a team in that local winter league and they asked me to try out and gave me a waiver because I worked on an Air Force base. So I get to say I was the guy to ever be All-Army Hawaii and All Air-Force Hawaii.  Got stationed in NC and didn't play for almost four year when I was assigned back to Maryland and found an Anne Arundel Men's 25 and over team to play for. Played on two teams then got stationed back to Hawaii. Didn't have time to play right away, but after returning from Afghanistan, I played on two more teams (with my new PRK eyes that were fixed by the Army before deployment I could hit better than ever). I also started doing associate scouting from the Orioles out there at this time. Returned back to Maryland and after a year or two found a team in the 35 and over AA Men's League. After playing a year I put together my own team and we won the championship (that's two for two in managing championship teams if you are counting). Team broke up after the year (you have never seen politics until you deal with a men's baseball league) and I filled in some new players with the guys that stayed and we ended up making the playoffs again, but lost in the semi-finals (Making the first time I coached a team that I played on that we didn't win a championship). After that year, fed up with the politics, my hitting had fallen off to the point I was batting myself 8th (think I hit like .250 with wood bats), and I wanted to focus on coaching high school and doing associate scouting stuff for an American League team, I "retired from playing. Surprisingly, I don't miss it. I've come out of retirement two times to fill in for a team that needed a player so bad or they were going to forfeit, but after pulling my hamstring in my last game, it was clear father time had claimed another victim. And if read this far, now you know way to much history of my playing days! Haha
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