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vs. RED SOX, 9/29

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1 minute ago, SteveA said:

And that's it.  Our attempt at our second sweep of the season, and to surpass the 1988 Orioles' record, falls just short.

54-108... one step forward, two steps back.

See you in the next game thread, 146 days from now.   Orioles vs Braves, in the Braves' brand new spring training ballpark in North Point in Sarasota County.


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I mean you lose you lose, but like that.  I mean it shouldn't be as surprising as you normally would given this team, but even so, Really, Really, Really?!

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4 minutes ago, O's84 said:

Wow, one of the most inexcusable plays I've seen ends the season.  What a disgrace!

Right up there with the 2-run sac fly

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1 minute ago, sevastras said:

Learning moment, I guess.  

This time has a low baseball IQ, but that was a even a new low for them.

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4 hours ago, Chavez Ravine said:

That was a fitting sign off.

We were lucky to still be in the game after several other miscues and being outhit-and-walked 15-8. It will be remembered for Wilkerson's catch. Red Sox fans were genuinely awed and will never be able to erase the image. It was also nice to prevent E-Rod's W: No taunts in the future about the O's giving up a 20-game winner.

The bullpen was going to blow it at some point anyway--Armstrong and Givens almost did and Tate was on-track to.

That said, the incredible catch must have overexcited or frozen Wilkerson's brain--he may have still been recovering. Glad he now has the whole offseason to thaw.

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