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Game 5: Ravens @ Steelers

Who wins?  

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This drive is why you don't try stupid crap. You just throw the ball down the field and run through the holes. You know this defense can't cover and can't tackle in the secondary.

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8 minutes ago, Hallas said:

Where’s the PI??  Andrews was wrapped up before the ball was withing 5 yards of him.

So Harbaugh doesn't challenge that but immediately challenges a murky play they won't overturn.

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Harbaugh should just let someone else make decisions on when to challenge or not. He should have challenged the interception because Andrews clearly was interfered with, and then he had no reason challenging the down by contact. Its amazing how bad he is at these things.

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1 minute ago, Tony-OH said:

Not for interference I don't believe.

Correct.  Would not be reviewed for uncalled PI.  Would be reviewed for possession.

I agree that would have been the better challenge.

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