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Melewski quotes BA comments on all the O’s in their league top 20’s

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The BA rankings have been mentioned in a couple of threads, but Melewski has posted a comprehensive set of quotes from BA about all the O’s in their league top 20’s, who are:

Mountcastle (7, International)

Akin (20, International)

Diaz (14, Eastern)

Baumann (15, Eastern)

Hall (1, Carolina)

Rodriguez (3, Sally)

We’ll see about the NY-Penn and Gulf Coast Leagues.

Quotes from BA about each player here:  https://www.masnsports.com/steve-melewski/2019/10/where-the-os-were-ranked-in-league-top-20-lists.html

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Re Leonardo Rodriguez, ranked 10th in the NY-Penn league:


The write-up from Baseball America says of Rodriguez: “In a league that was more position player-heavy, Rodriguez stood out on the mound. He ranked among the league leaders in ERA (2.65), strikeouts (80), innings (71.1) and WHIP (1.01). It was the first season of his young career in which he struck out more than one batter per inning.

“It’s tough to miss the 6-foot-7, 215-pound Rodriguez, who has the type of body that is built for innings. His fastball can touch into the mid-90s and has natural angle on it because of his height.

“Managers were impressed with Rodriguez’s feel for how to pitch to hitters and work off his heater. His breaking ball is a true offspeed pitch that flashes above-average at times, but his third-pitch changeup is rather straight. Rodriguez’s frame, arm strength and feel for pitching create plenty to dream on as he heads towards full-season ball.”


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It’s interesting they mention the angle, I think the angle combined with his arm action allows hitters to get a good look at the release and cause the stuff to play down a bit. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s what it looked like to me.

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21 hours ago, Ohfan67 said:

Did Melewski help write these? I think he’s done some of that in the past. 

I don’t think so.    He’s helped in the past with BA’s Orioles top 30 lists but not the league wide lists.   

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