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Nationals / World Series / Presidental First Pitch?

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With Nats up 2-0 and coming home for 3 games I got to thinking..... Washington in the World Series, that’s quite an event!   Maybe the President throws out the first ball.... OMG the President might throw out the first ball! 

Alert, alert ...... get all tweets in ASAP,  Twitter meltdown coming!

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Obviously, we’ll stay away from politics.  Trump declined an invitation to throw out the first pitch in the home opener in 2017, citing scheduling conflicts.

For this postseason, Aaron Barrett threw out the first pitch for the WC game.  Medal of Honor recipient David Bellavia did it for game 3 NLDS.  Alex Ovechken game 4.  WNBA star Elena Delle Donne will throw out game 3 of the NLCS.

I would not expect to see Trump or Pence do it.

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I read that Della Donne was supposed to throw out the first pitch, but it was Parker Staples, a Make-a-Wish child.  Maybe she throws it out tomorrow night.

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I would not expect to see a Presidential first pitch this post-season.   Probably not in 20 either.

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39 minutes ago, backwardsk said:

Team confirmed that he wasn’t invited.  Chef Andres will do the honors if there is a game 5.  Chad Cordero does it tonight.  Don’t know about game 4.

Interesting. I guess it makes sense since he's an original National, IINM. 

I thought that they may have had Davey Johnson do the honors for one of these games, as a quasi-representative for Frank, the franchise's 1st manager (although Davey certainly stands well on his own merit). Also thought there'd be an outside shot at Johnny Holliday, as he's affiliated with the team and is an institution down there.

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