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Game 11: Ravens @ Rams

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That was the cheap shot that I keep talking about! 35-6 and they are going low. Im disappointed that hes still in the game




Nice TD catch by Snead

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5 minutes ago, SouthRider said:

Stupid decision going for it on 4th and 4.  Either let Tucker try a FG or punt.  Pct the franchise QB

5 minutes ago, Roll Tide said:

Honestly ... I think there is a point where you go on 4th. But in a 35-6 game?

Might as well go for it.  51 yard fog attempt, if you miss they get it at 41. 

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1 minute ago, TonySoprano said:

6 for 6

RG3 time for sure.

Talking about the MVP stats... I think Jackson just passed Wilson for most TD season to date

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