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#29 Prospect Toby Welk - 3B

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I'm really pulling for this guy.

Often we hear about some guy standing on the table yelling to advocate picking a player during the draft. If that happened with this guy, I'd love to hear the story if it's possible to find out.

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Welk is certainly one of the more intriguing stories from last year’s draft, and will be a fun guy to follow.     It’ll be interesting to see how he develops using the techniques our staff will be employing.    

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Just now, Pheasants said:

If the draft had been down to the proposed 20 rounds, no one would have ever heard of him.  I really have to root for guys likie him.

Good point.   

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    • No, but the salary cap makes things very wonky in the NBA and NHL. While the NFLs system really screws over the players. The only way I see the MLBPA giving into a salary cap is if they cut the years of control right in half.  Which would basically change strategy away from developing home grown talent. 
    • I'm over the moon if Tork is available at 2. I get the defensive and athletic upside is limited, but that is such a special bat. .285 and 30 HR annually? Absolutely. Realistically, I wouldn't be upset with either Martin or Lacy at 2. Martin might not project the upside as a traditional 1-2, but there is something to be said for his tools across the board. Pitchers this high make me nervous as well, but a Rodriguez-Lacy-Hall top of the rotation sounds formidable, health permitting. 
    • So, former GM Jim Bowden is now writing for the Atlantic.  According to his research, there were 42 players taken among the 80 players selected in the first five picks of the 16 MLB drafts between 2000 and 2015 and only five of the 42 have justified the selection - Verlander, Price, Strausburg, Cole and Bauer.  Two of those pitchers, Verlander and Strausburg, were "no-brainer" decisions.  It is a hit rate far below WC's opening post.
    • Just keep chucking talent into the firebox and hope that coaching, video, personality tests, wearable tech, organizational philosophy, and the mysteries of the universe  squirt out some rare nuggets at a reasonable pace.
    • Thanks for posting this. I read this Monday and meant to comment to you. Drastically different from BA’s write up that I referenced. Not my critique, theirs. I’ve never seen the kid. I am two years removed from most of the HS kids. I know many of the college Sophomores and Juniors fairly well. I have some info on the Central Florida kids, but that’s about all I got as a personal knowledge base.    I like what MLB wrote about Halpin. If that is what Elias sees, then perhaps he’s higher on the board. I believe Elias May take 1-2 HS kids, at most. Just based on limited data and all. Quite polar reports, but that’s how it goes. One scout sees him on a bad few days. Another sees him on a good few games. What I take from that is inconsistency would make it tougher to draft him unless you are all in on him as an area scout and cross checker.
    • I wish my adhd 9 year old daughter would stop talking jumping and singing Taylor swift and go the ?!?!!??? To sleep or at least go to her room. I might ready the Samuel l Jackson book go the f to sleep! 
    • Well when people say his comp is Mookie freaking Betts, I think people are getting carried away with upside projections. I hope I look back at this post in 6 years and Martin has an MVP and multiple top 5 finishes. 
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